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Farrah Abraham and Plastic Surgery

farrah abraham plastic surgeryFarrah Abraham became famous after becoming pregnant at 16-years-old and starring in MTV reality shows ’16 and Pregnant’ and then ‘Teen Mom’. After becoming a mother, Farrah’s body appears to have changed. Was it from the effects of pregnancy or did Farrah have plastic surgery? The answer seems pretty obvious to us…

From Teen Mom to porn star to plastic surgeon? Farrah Abraham is all over the place when it comes to establishing herself as a ‘career woman’. The former Teen Mom star is only 23-years-old and already she has given birth, starred in two porn flicks, written a few erotic novels as well as a Christian […]

Farrah Abraham doesn’t need to practice making her duck face anymore! Thanks to her lip injections gone wrong Farrah is stuck wearing a permanent duck face nowadays. The worst part of all is that her new lips may be a painfully permanent feature she will have to learn to live with. Farrah Abraham wanted bigger […]

lip injections courtney stodden versus farrah abraham

Remember when plastic surgery was something that aging celebrities and socialites had done in secret, in order to turn back a few years? Well, now it’s something that teenagers and attention seekers have in order to have something to talk about. In the last couple of weeks, two of our least favorite wannabe celebrities have […]

Farrah Abraham is back getting plastic surgery again. This time the Teen Mom turned p0rnstar had surgery to remove her chin implant. Farrah Abraham before and after having her chin implant removed: This lastest trip under the knife will be Farrah’s 4th plastic surgery in less than 1 year and her 5th plastic surgery procedure […]

Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity and plastic surgery news stories: Hayden Panettiere is removing her misspelled “Live without regrets” tattoo. Irony at its best! – Too Fab Amanda Bynes proves that being crazy is expensive. – TMZ Miley Cyrus thinks her crappy performance at the VMA’s “made […]


None of the people below warrant any sort of article of their own, and reading about these people might actually kill brain cells, so to limit your exposure, we have put together our own faux reality show titled, “The Young and The Useless”, where we can give you the gist of it on what these […]


Apparently Charlie Sheen is not a fan of Farrah Abraham, nor her newest pair of breast implants. In an open letter to the “Teen Mom” turned pornstar, Charlie pretty much calls it like it is: “hey, you desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua; I truly do not recall giving you permission to globally reveal any […]

farrah abraham before and after 2nd breast augmentation boob job

Looks like Farrah has cashed her Vivid check and is already spending it on more plastic surgery. Farrah, who has already gone under the knife for breast implants, rhinoplasty and a chin implant, added onto her plastic surgery portfolio by getting her 2nd boob job and upsizing her saline C-cups for silicon D-cups. Farrah Abraham […]

Farrah Abraham Photoshop Plastic Surgery

Alright folks, sing it with me now: “Here she comes, Miss America…!” That’s right, Farrah Abraham has realized her American dream! She has official signed on as a porn star and sold the porno that she made with Vivid Entertainment. The 21-year old reality star turned pornstar “sold” the tape to Vivid Video when they made her an offer she could not refuse (less than half of the $2Million that she was asking to release this “personal sex […]

Perhaps you have been hiding under a rock and have not heard about the Farrah Abraham’s sex tape fiasco yet? So let’s recap…Farrah Abraham made a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend. She tried to sell it to a porn company. Her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t sign off on the release. Farrah Abraham really wants everyone to see […]

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