Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting and Plastic Surgery

fat grafting plastic surgeryFat grafting is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure that plumps and enlarges parts of the body. Fat is removed from one body part (commonly the thighs or abdomen) and injected into the desired area. Fat grafting is commonly used to plump cheeks, lips and buttocks.

jennifer lawrence fan kitty plastic surgery

It’s no secret that there are many who go under the knife in order to have a body part that resembles that of a specific celeb. They go in asking for anything from their chin to their cheekbones, all in an effort to look like their favorite star. Who are the top female celebrities with the most requested body parts? […]

Vanilla Chamu before and after plastic surgery

It’s pretty normal for a kid to want to emulate a beloved doll or action figure (Barbie, G.I. Joe, Iron Man, etc.), but what is not normal at all is a grown Japanese woman undergoing countless plastic surgery procedures to look like a “living French doll” – whatever that is. That’s exactly what Japanese model […]

Vicki Gunvalson before and after chin implant, nose job and more

The original “Real Housewife”, Vicki Gunvalson has admitted that all of the speculation surrounding her new look lately is correct: She’s gone under the knife once again! After her feelings were hurt when fellow cast members said that Vicki’s upturned nose made her look like Miss Piggy, she marched straight over to a local plastic […]

Valeria Lukyanova Versus Barbie

Apparently, there is another young woman that has decided that she wants a plastic surgeon to carve, sculpt and stitch her into some sort of Barbie/anime reinvention. Her name is Valeria Lukyanova, she is 27-years old and she hails from the Ukraine. Valeria Lukyanova versus Barbie: Oh, and the BEST part about Valeria Lukyanova? Is […]

Have you ever wondered what would come of a drunken threesome between Dolly Parton, Ronald McDonald and Janice from the Muppets? Well, I’m pretty sure that it would look something like Thai socialite Sumanee Guna Kasem… Khun Sumanee Guna-Kasem is a thai socialite who has completely changed her appearance with plastic surgery. She has been […]

Sheesh. Everytime Lara Flynn Boyle shows up, she looks worse and worse. I couldn’t even believe it when I found out she is only 40 years old! Lara’s obsession with plastic surgery has not only ruined her face, it’s also ruined her career. The sad thing is that i doubt that anyone is being honest […]

Olivia Newton John is starting to look scary. Her face is entirely over-Botoxed and over-plumped. Olivia Newton John in 1975 and 2010 You can tell that the 62-year-old singer is abusing the Botox and her overly plump cheeks are the result of fat grafting. It also looks like she has lip implants. Notice how her […]

Shanna Moakler is a model, former beauty queen and actress, who most recently is hosting the E! reality show “Bridalplasty“. It seems like Shanna really got into the spirt of Bridalplasty and has had some recent work done herself. Shanna before and after Botox: I’m actually pretty surprised that Shanna has resisted getting breast implants […]

Man, Pete Burns sure does look like one scary pile of plastic, these days. In 2009 Pete Burns won a lawsuit against his plastic surgeon for a botched lip augmentation, and was awarded close to $1million. Apparently that cool million was burning a hole in Pete’s pocket, because he decided to get even more plastic […]

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