Frankenboobies and Plastic Surgery

frankenboobies plastic surgeryFrankenboobies are breasts that have undergone too much plastic surgery and have become scarred, deformed and just downright scary looking. There are many famous women who have irreparably damaged their breasts and turned them into frankenboobies.


Apparently Charlie Sheen is not a fan of Farrah Abraham, nor her newest pair of breast implants. In an open letter to the “Teen Mom” turned pornstar, Charlie pretty much calls it like it is: “hey, you desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua; I truly do not recall giving you permission to globally reveal any […]

Here is video of Danielle Staub visiting her plastic surgeon to have a FOURTH breast augmentation surgery. Although it is not unusual for a women as old as Danielle to have had multiple breast augmentations, (you can count on needing breast surgery at least every 10 years when you get breast implants), I would be […]

After seeing these pictures of Shauna Sand flashing her nipples to the paparazzi, I just have to ask…WTF happened to Shauna Sand’s nipples?! Shauna Sand slips a nip: (Click for uncensored version) Shauna Sand’s frankenipple: (Click for uncensored version) Her unfortunate nipple situtation could very well be a complication of breast augmentation surgery (looks like […]

Katie Price, aka Jordan, has the worst augmented breasts I have ever seen. Hands down. Here are some topless pictures of Katie Price that show how horribly scarred her nipples have become after having breast augmentation surgery. Her nipples are no longer round, they are ice cream cone shaped. Katie “Jordan” Price’s horrible scarred breasts: […]

Katie Price (aka: Jordan) let it all hang out at one of her book signings, revealing a bad case of frankenboobie. I have no idea why she is dressed up like some sort of slutty super hero, but here are the pictures of Katie Price’s latest nip slip (although I doubt it was a “slip” […]

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