George Clooney

George Clooney and Plastic Surgery

george clooney plastic surgeryCan you believe that George Clooney would let a plastic surgeon touch his gorgeously famous face? Well, apparently men as good looking as George want to remain young(er) and fresh looking. George has had more the one cosmetic surgery, can you guess what he’s had done?

George clooney renee zellwegger plastic surgery

There are certain celebs with obvious boob jobs, face-lifts, and brow lifts that the whole world talks about. Then, there are celebrities that look perfect but we are not really sure what they have had done to achieve that look, take George Clooney or Catherine Zeta-Jones for instance. Thanks to one top Los Angeles plastic […]

George Clooney Ugly Duckling

In news that will bring hope and happiness to awkward teenage boys everywhere…Check out how geeky George Clooney used to be! George Clooney then and now: Who would have thought that that goofy looking kid on the left would grow up to be one of the most desired men in the world?! George Clooney shot […]

Here are a few celebrities that have made over their smiles by undergoing cosmetic dentistry: While I don’t think that having cosmetic dentistry is that big of a deal, it appears that perhaps it could be the “gateway drug” to having more invasive cosmetic surgery. After viewing the gallery of celebrity smile makeovers, it became […]

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