Good Plastic Surgery

Good Plastic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

good plastic surgeryPlastic surgery should always be an improvement, but many plastic surgeons today tend to toe the line between good plastic surgery and bad. Good plastic surgery will leave you looking fresh and rejuvenated, but having too many procedures ends up looking bizarre and fake.

Wow. Doesn’t Michelle Pfeiffer look amazing? It’s hard to believe that the gorgeous actress turned 55 this year! So what is Michelle’s beauty secret? Has she had plastic surgery or is she simply genetically gifted? If you ask us, it’s a little bit of both. Michelle Pfeiffer won the genetic lottery and was born with […]

Helen Mirren before after facelift

Spoiler alert: Helen Mirren looks amazing after a well-executed face and neck lift! Helen Mirren before and after having plastic surgery: Oh, Dame Helen Mirren! The 67-year old award winning actress seemingly can do no wrong. From her surprisingly fabulous bikini body to her slew of awards for her acting skills, Helen has it going […]

Olivia Munn before and after breast implants

Olivia Munn recently appeared on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ looking bustier than usual, which got the gossip mill churning and we were flooded with “Did Olivia Munn get a boob job?!” emails. After examining the photographic evidence, I think it is safe to say that Olivia Munn did not recently get a boob job, […]

Lady Gaga before trout pout lip injections

Lady Gaga recently posted the picture below to her Twitter account, where she is blowing a kiss goodnight to her fans in Melbourne: The picture of the pretty pop star has garnered more attention than Lady Gaga had expected as rumors swirl about her inflated-looking lips. Did she get plastic surgery to plump up her […]

Halle Berry before and after breast implants

I think it goes without saying that Halle Berry has great boobs. Some may even say that Halle has some of the best boobs in Hollywood! But, like most of the Hollywood population, Halle Berry isn’t all natural. The 43-year old actress got breast implants in the early 90’s, just as her career was starting […]

Susan Sarandon before and after plastic surgery

Susan Sarandon recently came clean about having a bit of a nip and tuck on her famous face. The 65-year old star admitted to having liposuction on her neck and chin and a blepharoplasty on her eyes. Susan Sarandon in 2008 and after plastic surgery in 2012: Susan underwent the cosmetic procedures after ending her […]

Cameron Diaz before and after breast implants

The paparazzi recently caught up with Cameron Diaz while on holiday in Hawaii and as the photogs snapped pictures of Cameron, the super-fit actress, who is normally happy to be photographed in a bikini, covered up quickly with a cardigan sweater. Apparently Cameron has something to hide from the cameras, and it certainly isn’t holiday […]

Stephanie Seymour before and after breast implants

Retired supermodel, Stephanie Seymour, unveiled some new floatation devices while prancing around St Barts in a bikini over the holiday. Stephanie Seymour before and after breast implants: The 43-year old supermodel has always been curvy and began her modeling career, modeling lingerie and hosiery for Victorias Secret in the early 90’s. Whilst Stephanie made a […]

It’s true when they say that everyone in Hollywood is having plastic surgery…but some are doing it better then others! I would have never suspected that A-list actress Diane Kruger had undergone plastic surgery, but after you see her before pictures, it’s pretty obvious that she has had breast augmentation surgery! Diane Kruger before and […]

Before she landed her prince and had her fairytale wedding, Kate Middleton was just your average small town girl. Now that Kate has married Prince William, she has a new title: “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge”…and what appears to be a new nose! Kate before and after having rhinoplasty surgery? According to pictures of Kate before […]

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