Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery

The more famous you are the more likely you are to accumulate haters. We are told over and over to ignore the haters, but X factor star Christopher Maloney found that difficult to do. He has admitted to undergoing £60k ($93,627) of plastic surgery to fix his appearance after ‘online trolls’ teased him for looking […]

It’s the question of the ages: Is Bruce Jenner undergoing cosmetic procedures to become a woman or is he simply addicted to plastic surgery, Michael Jackson-style? Okay, so it may not be the question of the ages, but it’s one everyone is asking these days. And while the Kardashian klan is vehemently denying rumors that […]

cara delevingne eyebrow transplants

Upcoming supermodel Cara Delevinge certainly commands attention when she enters the room, but it’s not her tall stature, pretty blonde hair or piercing green eyes that she is best known for. Cara’s signature look all comes down to her full, thick, bushy eyebrows, which have made a lasting impression on casting agents for huge designer […]

boyband nsync in 1990s

Joey Fatone is back in the spotlight for the first time since his NSYNC days. Unfortunately, it’s as a spokesperson for Bosley hair restoration, which has just released a cringeworthy infomercial starring the 36-year-old singer and his new luscious locks. Truth be told, his hair barely looks any different in the “before” and “after” pictures, […]

justin bieber plastic surgery

In a desperate attempt to claim the role of Justin Bieber’s doppelganger, a 33-year-old Los Angeles man named Toby Sheldon has undergone $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like the Canadian pop star, and he’s not done yet. It’s awkward enough that a grown man would admit to idolizing Justin Bieber […]

Steven Segal before and after

Can anyone tell me why Steven Segal looks like he has a merkin stuck to his head? Whatever it is that is sitting atop Steven’s head, that he is trying to pass for hair, looks like what I would imagine a merkin would look like after being used and abused for a sweaty, drug-fueled week […]

Bald supermodel Naomi Cambell

Hair extensions have become extremely popular, especially with celebrities. So popular, in fact that many woman wouldn’t be caught dead without their hair extensions, and their addiction to perfectly coifed fake hair is leading them towards their worst nightmare…pre-mature balding! Well, us Average Janes with a love for hair extensions are not alone…Here are 5 […]

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Before and After Hair Plugs

Remember the Backstreet Boys? In the early 90’s The Backstreet Boys released their first album and the boy band became instant teen heartthrobs. Twenty years later, surprisingly enough, The Backstreet Boys are not only still together, but they are one of the best selling music artists in the world. Unfortunately the Backstreet Boys looks aren’t […]

Mickey Rourke had even more plastic surgery

In case you were wondering how it is possible that Mickey Rourke currently looks so handsome, young and natural, we are here to reveal his fountain of youth secret. I know it’s hard to believe, but Mickey Rourke has had extensive plastic surgery! Mickey Rourke before, during and after the latest plastic surgery: Pictures have […]

Billy Bob Thornton Before and After Botox

Apparently Billy Bob Thornton has been playing Hollywood plastic surgery roulette and has come out looking like this… Billy Bob Thornton before and after plastic surgery: Billy Bob, who is 56 years old, recently appeared on Nightline and our inbox was immediately flooded with “WTF HAPPENED TO BILLY BOB’S FACE!” emails. Well, we have the […]

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