Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear and Plastic Surgery

heather locklear plastic surgeryHeather Locklear became famous in the 80’s, after starring on the soap opera “Dynasty”. Heather has lived a charmed life of fame and fortune, but recently she has made the headlines for more embarrassing reasons: drug and alcohol abuse and bad plastic surgery.

Recently, there has been a media buzz about Heather Locklear’s breasts, ever since she stepped out wearing a low-cut LBD in New York. The big question is: “OMG Did Heather Locklear have a boob job!?”. The big answer? Yes! Heather Locklear has had several breast augmentation surgeries, and her new look appears to be the […]

Poor Heather Locklear. She looks like someone punched her repeatedly in the face. Even worse? She paid a plastic surgeon to look like this. Heather has WAY overdone the facial fillers. Would you rather have a few wrinkles or look like this? I don’t get it… Here are some more before and after pictures of […]

Seriously. Heather Locklear, what in the hell did you do to your face? Heather Locklear on set of the movie “Flirting with Forty” As we’ve mentioned before, Heather Locklear is no stranger to the plastic surgeons office, but recently she has gone too far and has what appears to be a botched facelift. Heather Locklear’s […]

Heather Locklear has dabbled with plastic surgery since the late 80’s, but I think she has finally overdone it. Heather Locklear before and after breast implants: Heather Locklear at 20 years old (before plastic surgery): Heather Locklear at 46 years old (after plastic surgery): Heather had a nose job and breast implants towards the beginning […]

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