Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff and Plastic Surgery

hilary duff plastic surgeryHilary Duff became famous at 14-years-old after landing the lead roll on the Disney’s “Lizzie McQuire”. Since then she been put through the ringer of growing up in Hollywood. Obnoxious cosmetic dentistry, underage drinking and the like have all been rumored.

hilary duff before and after lip injections

Why is it that every time Hilary Duff has some sort of relationship trouble, she shows up with over-inflated lips? The 26-year old singer split from her husband Mike Comrie earlier this year and immediately went out and got some serious lip injections to plump up her pout. Hilary Duff then and now. What’s up […]

Hilary Duff Bad Lip Plastic Surgery

Hilary Duff has been laying low since giving birth to her son last year, but she showed up in Beverly Hills yesterday looking like this: So we can’t help but to ask…Hilary, WTF happened to your face?! Actually, we know what happened to Hilary’s face (bad plastic surgery), but why in the world would a […]

Hilary Duff has announced that she is pregnant with her first child. While this is normally a joyous occasion, I can’t help but wonder if the plastic surgery that Hilary has had will negatively affect her fetus? The most recent pictures of Hilary, show her with over-inflated lips after having filler injected into them. Hilary […]

Here are a few celebrities that have made over their smiles by undergoing cosmetic dentistry: While I don’t think that having cosmetic dentistry is that big of a deal, it appears that perhaps it could be the “gateway drug” to having more invasive cosmetic surgery. After viewing the gallery of celebrity smile makeovers, it became […]

Well, I guess the rumors about Hilary Duff wanting to get plastic surgery for her wedding were true. Hilary stepped out in Hollywood yesterday sporting a new pair of boobs. Really, Hilary? New boobs for your wedding? That’s just kind of sad… More pictures of Hilary Duff before she got breast implants:

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