Injectable Fillers

Injectable Fillers and Plastic Surgery

injectable fillers plastic surgeryInjectable fillers are becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. Collagen, Juvederm and Restylane are all injectable fillers that are used to plump lips, fill lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Injectable fillers are also available for butt enhancement.

Audrey O’Day (Of “Making the Band” & member of Danity Kane) is looking quite porntastic lately. She used to be a really, really gorgeous girl, but after getting plastic surgery, she just looks like a textbook trashy pornstar. Audrey Oday before and after plastic surgery It appears that Audrey O’day has gotten D-cup breast implants […]

Why so pouty, Jennifer? Could it be because you havn’t quite figured out how to control your collagen injected top lip? Photos of Jennifer Garner before she became a well-known celebrity show a very different set of lips. Most noticeable is her top lip, which used to be a third of the size that it […]

In a statement to Fitness magazine, Kathy Griffin has sworn off plastic surgery and has hit the proverbial nail on the head, about plastic surgery. Kathy Griffin about her experience with plastic surgery: “What I found, though, was that it didn’t help me one bit,” Griffin says. “It didn’t get me happier or didn’t make […]

Just when I was complimenting the work that Madonna has had done on her face, she goes and over does it… Madonna before and after plastic surgery: It looks like Madonna got some more plastic surgery, probably in preparation for her “Sticky and Sweet” tour, but DAMN it looks strange. It looks like she received […]

I don’t spook easily, but there is just something about Joan River’s face that scares the shit out of me! Joan Rivers plastic face: (Click picture for close up of Joan River’s face) Joan has had extensive plastic surgery on her face such as: Multiple facelifts, brow lift, botox, soft tissue fillers, jaw implants, multiple […]

Jackie Zeman is an actress that has appeared on the soap opera “General Hospital” for the last 30 years. She is currently 55 years old and the amount of plastic surgery she has had on her face seems quite abundant. Jackie Zeman before and after plastic surgery: It appears that Jackie has surgically altered nearly […]

Brigitte Nielsen was an extemely hot model/actress in the 80’s, and she just can’t seem to accept that her glory days are over. She has appears on numerous reality shows that feature washed up celebrities, including “The Surreal Life”, “The Mole”, “Strange Love”, “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Celebrity Rehab”. Now, Brigitte Nielson is starring in […]

Madonna is well know for reinventing herself and it appears that she is desperately trying to restore the youth to her face. Unfortunately, even living an extremely healthy lifestyle can only turn back time so much. The rest of the fine tuning is then left to a plastic surgeon… Madonna before and after plastic surgery?: […]

It’s hard to pinpoint, but lately there is just something about Fergie’s face that is a bit off. Her face looks very wax-like nowadays: Fergie’s Face circa 2004 and Today: There is definately a subtle, but odd, change in Fergie’s face from 2004 to now and I suspect botox and possibly facial fillers to plump […]

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