Jackie Stallone

Jackie Stallone and Plastic Surgery

jackie stallone plastic surgeryJackie Stallone is the mother of Sylvester Stallone, but she is almost better known for the extensive plastic surgery that she’s had. Jackie was a beautiful woman when she was younger, and has had quite a bit of plastic surgery in an attempt to regain her youth. Two words: Epic Fail.

jackie stallone bad plastic surgery

Jackie Stallone is aware that her excessive plastic surgery is to blame for her shocking appearance, but does that mean that the 92-year old mother of Sylvestor Stallone is swearing off of future cometic surgeries? Certainly not! Not surprisingly, Jackie is still unhappy with the way she looks, even after undergoing extensive plastic surgery throughout […]

Jackie Stallone plastic surgery 2012

Sylvester Stallone’s mother has really done it this time. Jackie Stallone has been on our bad plastic surgery radar before, but she somehow managed to top herself with this latest round of plastic surgery. Remember when a proud mother would buy a new dress for an important event in her child’s life? Well, Jackie was […]

To my surprise, it’s been brought to my attention that Jackie Stallone wasn’t always hideous! Seriously, I just always assumed that she was simply an unattractive women that didn’t age very well. Well, it’s now obvious that her scary face was bought and paid for, as she has obviously undergone some of the worst plastic […]

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