Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson and Plastic Surgery

janet jackson plastic surgeryJanet Jackson comes from a family that is well known for their extreme plastic surgery. Like her brother Michael and sister Latoya, Janet has undergone rhinoplasty surgery, but has she had additional work done on her face and body? Check out the pictures below.

Janet Jackson before and after more plastic surgery

Janet Jackson has recently popped back into the spotlight to walk some red carpets and promote a weight loss system by Nutri-System. Janet has often struggled with her weight and appears to be back in shape, but entirely way more shocking then her weight loss, is her bizarre new face! Janet Jackson in 2010 and […]

I always thought that Janet Jackson had undergone plastic surgery, just like Michael and Latoya. But, look at this! Here is a side by side comparison of Janet Jackson at 17 and 41. Janet Jackson at age 17 (left) and age 41 (right): Her facial structure is exactly the same, with the exception of a […]

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