Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson and Plastic Surgery

janice dickinson plastic surgeryJanice Dickinson has admitted to having hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery, in order to preserve her model looks and in an attempt to end up being “the best looking corpse on the planet!”. Check out her before and after pictures below.

Janice Dickenson was the world’s first model and she’s not ashamed to tell you. In fact, there’s nothing Janice enjoys more than talking about herself. Her wild personality is clearly the reason E! asked her to come on their latest cosmetic surgery show, Botched. The new reality show profiles different people that have been left “botched” by past […]

Self described as “the first supermodel” Janice Doreen Dickinson knows what it’s like to live the high life. In the 1970s and 1980s Janice was one of the most famous models around, although with age her popularity dwindled. Now she is best known for a face full of plastic surgery and a handful of guest […]

Janice Dickinson Trout Pout

Janice Dickinson has finally done it. She has completely wrecked her face with plastic surgery and looks like a ridiculous hot mess. She is now sporting extra jumbo sized flapasaurus rex lips that are not only way too big, they are also misshapen and floppy looking. Janice, honey, you don’t look sexy or attractive, you […]

Plastic surgery and Botox has become more and more popular in recent years for the public. However, celebrities have been famed for going under the knife for years and years. Some dabble in cosmetic surgery every so often just to lose a couple of years, however, for some it can become a dangerous addiction that […]

It’s time for a little brain novocaine! Here is episode 2 of “Pretty Hurts”. This episode is titled, “Birthday’s Hurt” and you can watch the full episode right here: (If you are outside of the US, you can watch this episode of “Pretty Hurts”, here) Episode summary: In episode two (“Birthday’s Hurt”) of the reality […]

Janice Dickinson tried to make some sort of expression with her overly botoxed face. Unfortunately, she failed to make any sort of recognizable human expression. Instead making her face look like a stretched blob of plastic. Janice Dickinson and her overly botoxed face: Janice is a huge fan of plastic surgery and boy, does it […]

Janice Dickinson has admittedly spent around $100,000 on plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. To date, Janice has had the following procedures: * Tummy Tuck * Breast Implants * Lip Implant * Cheek Implants * Neck Lift * Face Lift * Breast Lift * Liposuction * Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgeries * Injectable Fillers (such as […]

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