Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans and Plastic Surgery

The day after Jenelle Evans debuted her new breast implants, someone leaked topless and fully nude pictures of Jenelle before and after having plastic surgery. We’re guessing her sort of boyfriend Kieffer Delp or Gary Head, who convinced her to get the breast implants in the first place, took the before and after pictures and […]

Jenelle Evans before and after getting breast implants

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans took the plunge and wasted no time getting those breast implants that she’s been talking about. Today, Jenelle posted a picture of her new boobs on Twitter and posed in a bikini for some staged “candid” paparazzi photos. Jenelle Evans before and after breast implants: What do you think of the […]

Jenelle Evans in a white bikini before breast implants

Yet another ‘Teen Mom’ has learned from her mistakes and is using the money she’s earned from MTV to better the life of her child, go to college, get a boob job! Because, you know, being a single mom to a precocious toddler is good time to get an elective cosmetic surgery that will have […]

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