Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee and Plastic Surgery

jenny lee plastic surgeryJenny Lee is a Texas housewife and mother that has become addicted to plastic surgery. Jenny has undergone over 30 plastic surgeries before she was even 30-years-old. Jenny has admitted to being addicted to plastic surgery and to having Body Dismorphia Disorder.

Jenny Lee Plastic Surgery Weight Gain 2013

Does anyone remember Jenny Lee? The plastic surgery enthusiast that found her 15 minutes of fame a few years ago, simply by having an absurd amount of plastic surgery? Nowadays there are all sorts of people that are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to make extreme changes to their looks, hoping […]

Here are the before and after pictures of Jenny Lee, a plastic surgery addict, who has spent over $80,000 on plastic surgery. Jenny Lee Before & After Plastic Surgery Jenny is so obsessed with her appearance that she had a brow lift at age 25, along with a laundry list of other procedures, including a […]

Apparently “plastic surgery enthusiast” is the new politically correct term for plastic surgery addicts, because that is what the TV show “The Insider” is calling Jenny Lee. Jenny Lee is a 31 year old wannabe model/actress from Texas, that has undergone a ridiculous amount of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. She has had over 30 […]

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