Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers and Plastic Surgery

joan rivers plastic surgeryJoan Rivers has had a long career in the comedy business, and even pokes fun at her extreme plastic surgery. Joan certainly doesn’t have much to hide, but does that soften the fact that she has undergone a really bizarre plastic surgery transformation?

joan rivers dead 2014

Well folks, that’s a wrap for Joan Rivers. The iconic comedienne passed away today at the age of 81, a week after her heart stopped beating on the operating table. Joan Rivers pictured in April 2014: Last week Joan was rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest while she […]

gwyneth paltrow before and after

Gwyneth Paltrow appears sweet and innocent, even according to most of her movie roles. And with that girl next-door appearance, it seems all of her neighbors would love her. On the contrary, according to people who actually share her Brentwood neighborhood, she is somewhat of a raging nightmare. While her neighbors aren’t huge fans, it […]

Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity news stories: Rihanna got a really really really stupid new tattoo. – Rihanna Tattoos Demi Moore hospitalized for doing whip-its. WTF? – TMZ Joan Rivers calls out Chelsea Handler. And is seriously funny. – The Superficial Miley Cyrus fellates a gigantic black […]

I don’t spook easily, but there is just something about Joan River’s face that scares the shit out of me! Joan Rivers plastic face: (Click picture for close up of Joan River’s face) Joan has had extensive plastic surgery on her face such as: Multiple facelifts, brow lift, botox, soft tissue fillers, jaw implants, multiple […]

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