Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein and Plastic Surgery

jocelyn wildenstein plastic surgeryJocelyn Wildenstein began having plastic surgery to make her look cat-like, after her husband cheated on her and their marriage ended in divorce. After many years and many procedures, Jocelyn has unofficially become the poster child for excessively bad plastic surgery.

I was forwarded some recent pictures of Jocelyn Wildenstein and, WOW, does she look a whole lot better! The women in these pictures looks so much more human then Jocelyn has looked since she started getting plastic surgery decades ago. So much so, that I had to ask…Is this even Jocelyn Wildenstein?! But judging from […]

LLoyd Klein is a 43-year-old French Canadian fashion designer that appears to have recently undergone some unfortunate plastic surgery. It appears that Lloyd has had his cheeks and lips plumped (which always looks ridiculous on men!), a nose job and his eyes have also been lifted, which could be the result of a brow lift, […]

What is it with socialites using plastic surgery to turn themselves into beasts? Michaela Romanini, a Thai socialite & Jocelyn Wildenstein Above is Italian socialite Michaela Romanini, a socialite from Thailand and good ol’ Swiss socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein. Each of them have paid plastic surgeons hundreds of thousands of dollars to look the way that […]

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a New York socialite with a serious addiction to plastic surgery. Jocelyn Wildenstein before plastic surgery: It has been reported that Jocelyn has spent close to $4,000,000 to surgically transform herself into a monstrosity. Jocelyn Wildenstein after plastic surgery: Jocelyn Wildenstein married a rich art dealer when she was young and caught […]

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