Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh and Plastic Surgery

jodie marsh plastic surgeryJodie Marsh became famous after taking off her top as a “glamour model” for British tabloids. Jodie used to brag that her breasts were real, unlike her rival Jordan, but soon enough Jodie got her own set of huge breast implants. See the before and after pictures of Jodie below.

Jodie Marsh before and after bodybuilding training

Several years ago Jodie Marsh famously had an ongoing feud with popular glamour model, Jordan, where Jodie often called Jordan fake and bragged that her own breasts were 100% natural. When it comes to Jodie’s look today, it’s safe to say that she is no longer going for a natural look and according to Jodie, […]

We recently received a comment on a previous post about Jodie Marsh, indicating that her boobs were real because her giant boobs “look far less pert without support”. Well, her boobs look saggy without support because she has HUGE, heavy breast implants. Jodie Marsh before breast implants: Jodie Marsh after breast implants: Jodie admitted to […]

Nicola Mclean is a British “glamour model” that has recently been named Ultimo Lingerie’s latest spokesmodel. Nicola Mclean First of all, what the hell is up with British glamour models? Is Britain 15 years behind on what “sexy” is? They (Nicola Mclean, Jordan, Jodie Marsh, etc) all look like budget copies of Pamela Anderson in […]

As a general rule of thumb, breasts should not be bigger then your head… This is Jodie Marsh, some random attention whore that was on a British reality show and claims to be a “glamour model”. It appears that she is trying to surgical become Pamela Anderson, unfortunately she is failing miserably. Jodie’s “look” is […]

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