Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson and Plastic Surgery

Once upon The Girls Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson was a boisterous playmate who loved sports, hated cleaning (do you remember how messy her room was?!) and enjoyed showing off her giant jugs. More than a few years have passed since Kendra’s Playboy mansion days, and a whole lot has changed for Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend. Kendra […]

Well, well, well…It looks like Kendra Wilkenson has had more plastic surgery, then previously thought. The stripper turned Playboy playmate, has obvious breast implants, but it looks like Kendra has also had rhinoplasty surgery. I think Kendra’s new nose is a big improvement and the nose job was well done. Kendra is now sporting a […]

Due to Kendra “leaking” her sex tape, we can now compare what she looked like before and after plastic surgery. The before picture is a screen cap from video taken of Kendra when she was 18…Before she had breast implants, before the Playboy mansion, before she was banging a man old enough to be her […]

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