Labiaplasty and Plastic Surgery

According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2013 men and women underwent 11.4 million cosmetic procedures. While a lot of those procedures can likely be linked to Joan Rivers, these numbers indicate that more people are getting plastic surgery than they have in years. 83.5% of all cosmetic procedures performed last year […]

sydney leathers before after labiaplasty vagina plastic surgery

I honestly think guys like Steve Hirsch and Joe Francis sit around getting drunk and making bets on what they can get dumb girls to do. There is just no other logical reason for why Sydney Leathers is even slightly famous and for her desperate shenanigans to remain in the spotlight (or keep her name in the tabloids in order […]

Jenna Jameson, who is arguably the most famous porn star of all time, apparently underwent cosmetic surgery on her lady parts. It’s been rumored that she had a labiaplasty (which changes the shape and size of the inner labia), but she actually underwent a vaginoplasty, which is supposed to tighten and tone the vaginal muscles. […]

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