Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle and Plastic Surgery

lara flynn boyle face 1990 and 2013

Lara Flynn Boyle was spotted out shopping with her mom in Bel Air this week, and her bizarre looks sparked concern from several media outlets. TMZ went so far as to contact friends of Lara, all who confirm that she is 100% fine and that the photos were simply taken at an unflattering angle. One friend stated they had seen Lara […]

When you are a celebrity, looking your best is part of your job, whether you are an actor, singer or entertainer. With advances in medical technology and the availability of plastic surgery, more and more celebrities are going under the knife in hopes of shaving off a few years and maintaining their looks. But just […]

Sheesh. Everytime Lara Flynn Boyle shows up, she looks worse and worse. I couldn’t even believe it when I found out she is only 40 years old! Lara’s obsession with plastic surgery has not only ruined her face, it’s also ruined her career. The sad thing is that i doubt that anyone is being honest […]

Lara Flynn Boyle certainly isn’t aging gracefully. She is trying to fight it tooth and nail, but is failing miserably at the hands of a plastic surgeon that lacks any sort of talent. Yes, Lara Flynn Boyle has actually paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like a bloated faced bobble head with distorted […]

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