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Lil Kim and Plastic Surgery

lil kim plastic surgeryKimberly “Lil Kim” Jones was one of the first well known female rappers and was a member of Junior M.A.F.I.A. Along with fame and fortune came changes to Kim’s face and body and she has recently become even more well known for her bad plastic surgery.

lil kim dancing with the stars performance 2015

Lil Kim recently made a guest appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, where she performed “Lady Marmalade” with Patti Labelle and Amber Riley. The performance caused quite a stir, but not because of Lil Kim’s singing ability, or the fact that she was performing the classic song with legend Patti Labelle. Lil Kim’s shocking appearance […]

Bruce Jenner Father of Lil Kim's Baby

In an unexpected statement, Bruce Jenner has revealed that he is most likely the father of Lil Kim’s unborn baby. Bruce recently split from Kris Jenner, his wife of 23-years, and is happily playing the field. Lil Kim’s pregnancy was unplanned and Bruce and Lil Kim are not officially dating, but as Bruce so eloquently […]

Last thing I remember is 2013 and me doing Jaggerbombs. Next thing ya know, I woke up next to her sister 2014. So you know what that means…Let’s look back on our fond memories of celebrity plastic surgery from the past year! Here is the good, the bad and the ugly of 2013: Most […]

lil kim before and after hip implants

And, the winner of the worst plastic surgery at the MTV Video Music Awards is…Lil Kim! Lil Kim then and now: While everyone is all up in arms about Miley Cyrus bumpin’ and grindin’ and Lady Gaga stripping down to a g-string, while they performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, what about Lil Kim?! […]

Lil Kim WTF Plastic Surgery Face

Kimberly “Lil’ Kim” Jones has come a long way since she dropped her record making album, ‘HardCore’, in 1996 and it appears that she is breaking a different kind of record nowadays. The 38-year old rapper, and obvious fan of plastic surgery, stepped out in Hollywood this week debuting yet another reinvention of her face. […]

Lil Kim recently performed at the BET Music Awards, looking, well…crazy! Kim looks like a pieced together Janet Jackson/Nicki Minaj frankencreature, which isn’t that shocking considering all of the plastic surgery she has had, but Kim has a new addition! Looks like Lil Kim has gotten Nicki Minaj sized butt implants, which she strutted hard […]

When you are a celebrity, looking your best is part of your job, whether you are an actor, singer or entertainer. With advances in medical technology and the availability of plastic surgery, more and more celebrities are going under the knife in hopes of shaving off a few years and maintaining their looks. But just […]

Rapper Lil Kim was pretty hot 10 years ago…until she got hooked on plastic surgery and seriously f-ed up her face and body. Is this what Kim Kardashian will look like in a few years? Both Kim’s have undergone many of the same plastic surgery procedures (liposuction, nose job, breast implants, botox, etc), so Kim […]

As we’ve mentioned before, Lil Kim has had a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery, including multiple nose jobs that have resulted in the bridge of her nose disappearing into her skull. Well, Lil Kim has recently resurfaced with another new nose! It looks like she has had reconstructive surgery (using an implant to rebuild her […]

Lil Kim’s bad nose job is progressively getting worse. Her plastic surgeon pulled a “Michael Jackson” and took way too much off the top. As we age, our bodies change and unfortunately Lil Kim does not have enough cartilage left in her nose to hold it up, so her bridge has sunken into her skull. […]

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