Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation and Plastic Surgery

Rapper Lil Kim has undergone quite a transformation thanks to her plastic surgeon. Well, I wouldn’t exactly thank her cosmetic surgeon, but I guess it’s her choice to look like this… Lil Kim before plastic surgery: Lil Kim after lots of plastic surgeries: Little Kim has undergone some major changes, including breast implants, tummy tuck, […]

It appears that all of their plastic surgeries are starting to morph Heidi Montag and Jenna Jameson into the same person… Heidi and Jenna have both had breast implants and lip injections, and Heidi also has undergone rhinoplasty. I think it’s odd when plastic surgery addicts start to all look alike…

Heidi Montag is only 21 years old, and she has already undergone her THIRD cosmetic procedure. First it was the nose, then came the boobs, now she’s sporting a new set of lips… Heidi Montag before the nose job: Heidi Montag after the nose job: Heidi Montag before the boob job: Heidi Montag after the […]

With every passing year, it appears that Lisa Rhinna’s lips grow increasingly larger… Lisa Rinna before lip injections: Lisa Rinna after lip injections: I wonder how much collagen she has to pump into those things to keep them oddly inflated like that?! It looks like Lisa Rinna is a fan of Botox as well. Although […]

Pamela Anderson, the Dolly Parton of the 90’s, has never denied having breast implants, but she has denied having any other work done. Judging from the pictures below, Pamela Anderson has certainly had lip augmentation as well. Pamela Anderson before boob job: CENSORED – Click for image. Pamela Anderson after multiple boob jobs: Pamela has […]

Oh. Wow. Paris Hilton got her lips done. And, DAMN, do they look bad! Paris Hilton before lip augmentation Paris Hilton after lip augmentation I can only imagine the conversation that Paris Hilton had with her cosmetic surgeon… Paris: “Doc, make my lips sexy.” Doctor: “Sexy? Okay, what did you have in mind? Describe sexy […]

Infamous Hollywood Madame, Heidi Fleiss, has gotten herself a new pair of lips. Heidi Fleiss before plastic surgery Heidi Fleiss after plastic surgery It also looks like Heidi had some sort of face work and/or botox done, which has pulled her eyebrows way too high up on her forehead. Personally, I think Heidi Fleiss looked […]

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