Lisa Rhinna

Lisa Rhinna and Plastic Surgery

lisa rinna before and after lip reduction and sporting plumper lips today

Lisa Rinna was spotted doing a little shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday and we couldn’t help but notice that her famous trout pout is back! The 49-year old actress had a surgical lip reduction in 2010, after the silicon that she had injected into her lips in the 80’s resulted in lumps forming in her […]

Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity news stories: Octomom is a stripper now. Because she’s ‘liberated’, not because she’s broke and skanky. Ok? – The Blemish ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood sentenced to 5 years in prison. – The Hollywood Gossip Scout Willis busted for underage drinking and fake […]

Lisa Rinna revealed on The Today Show that she has undergone lip reduction surgery. (I guess she got the memo that her over-inflated lips look like a vagina?) { Video removed because people don’t know how to properly optimize their sh!t } And in true Hollywood fashion, she did it to try and drum up […]

Okay, let’s face it. Lisa Rinna has a serious addiction to lip fillers. Just last year she admitted to being shocked after seeing a picture of herself and she swore to slow down on the plastic surgery. Then she showed up at the Oscars with (even more) ridiculously over-inflated lips… Lisa Rinna and her over-stuffed […]

With every passing year, it appears that Lisa Rhinna’s lips grow increasingly larger… Lisa Rinna before lip injections: Lisa Rinna after lip injections: I wonder how much collagen she has to pump into those things to keep them oddly inflated like that?! It looks like Lisa Rinna is a fan of Botox as well. Although […]

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