Madonna and Plastic Surgery

Well, Madonna is at it again…The over-the-hill pop star is once again getting naked for a provocative photoshoot, this time for Interview magazine. Madonna gets naked for Interview Magazine: Now don’t get us wrong, we love Madonna! But at 56-years old, we would like to see something new out of her. Getting naked and being […]

Sofia Vergara before and after Botox

Am I the only one that thinks Sofia Vergara’s mask-like Botox face is annoying? Sofia is one of those women that was born beautiful, and she would have continued to be beautiful forever if she hadn’t set off on the journey for the fountain of youth and ended up in a plastic surgeon’s office. Now, […]

madonna gold teeth grill

So Madonna has a grill now. And we’re not talking about a nifty new appliance used to BBQ dinner. Oh no, Madonna is actually sporting a mouth full of gaudy-as-hell gold and diamond-encrusted teeth, or “grill” as it’s known in the ghetto, world of hiphop and by pimps from 1982. And she’s not kidding. Madonna […]

Madonna has never been one to shy away from controversy, but we don’t think that she was trying to be controversial when she had plastic surgery a few years ago. Madonna’s augmented face has raised red flags and become the topic of serious conversation between plastic surgeons around the world, and the results of Madonna’s […]

Dearest Madonna, Look. We know that you like to date young latin men and we know that you are 50. That is all fine and dandy, but we also know that the mask that you are currently sporting on your face, is not actually your real face. In addition to looking bizarre and fake, your […]

Natural beauty Sofia Vergara had some pretty candid things to say about the plastic surgery trend in Hollywood and even called out Madonna in a recent interview with Esquire Magazine. Sofia Vergara versus Madonna When asked about the plastic surgery craze, 38-year-old Sofia said, “Women all look the same now…That thing with the cheeks. Like […]

Jocelyn Wildenstein, is that you?! Oh wait, no. That’s Madonna. And her horrible cheek implants. Whoops!

Just when I was complimenting the work that Madonna has had done on her face, she goes and over does it… Madonna before and after plastic surgery: It looks like Madonna got some more plastic surgery, probably in preparation for her “Sticky and Sweet” tour, but DAMN it looks strange. It looks like she received […]

Madonna is well know for reinventing herself and it appears that she is desperately trying to restore the youth to her face. Unfortunately, even living an extremely healthy lifestyle can only turn back time so much. The rest of the fine tuning is then left to a plastic surgeon… Madonna before and after plastic surgery?: […]

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