Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan and Plastic Surgery

meg ryan plastic surgeryMeg Ryan was a very popular actress in the 80’s and 90’s, but recently she can’t seem to land a role. Could it be the extreme changes that she has undergone in an attempt to regain a youthful appearance? Check out the before and after pictures of Meg below.

George clooney renee zellwegger plastic surgery

There are certain celebs with obvious boob jobs, face-lifts, and brow lifts that the whole world talks about. Then, there are celebrities that look perfect but we are not really sure what they have had done to achieve that look, take George Clooney or Catherine Zeta-Jones for instance. Thanks to one top Los Angeles plastic […]

Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery

These things are fact: as you age, your cheeks do not inflate like shiny little balloons, your lips do not increase in size and your skin does not become less wrinkled and so tight that you can reflect the bat signal off of it. Mysteriously, these things have all happened to Meg Ryan, who is […]

When you are a celebrity, looking your best is part of your job, whether you are an actor, singer or entertainer. With advances in medical technology and the availability of plastic surgery, more and more celebrities are going under the knife in hopes of shaving off a few years and maintaining their looks. But just […]

Leslie Ash is an English actress that starred on the sitcom “Men Behaving Badly”. Leslie is 50 years old and looks ridiculous after having too much plastic surgery.

What in the hell was Meg Ryan thinking?! She currently has a bad case of odd looking duck lips caused by horrible lip implants. Megan Ryan before lip augmentation: Megan Ryan after lip implants: The lip implants give Meg Ryan an odd, joker-like mouth that really does not suit her face (does that look suit […]

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