michael jackson

michael jackson and Plastic Surgery

Antonio Gleidson Rodrigues is no normal 32-year old living in Brazil! Antonio has now bleached his skin to further resemble the iconic superstar legend, Michael Jackson. Antonio imitates the King of Pop for a living, referring to himself as the number one Michael Jackson impersonator in all of Brazil. Antonio before and after skin bleaching […]

Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson, recently sat down with Oprah and talked openly about Michael and his addiction to plastic surgery. At one point Katherine even asked Michael’s plastic surgeon to stop doing work on Michael, as she felt that he had gone overboard with changing his face. Just by looking at Michael’s face, […]

In preparation for his latest tour, Michael Jackson is wanting to have more plastic surgery. (Some people never learn…) According to biographer Ian Halperin, Michael Jackson, who has had various cosmetic surgery procedures in the past, wants to go under the knife once again. “Michael has consulted some of the world’s best cosmetologists and surgeons […]

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