Michaela Romanini

Michaela Romanini and Plastic Surgery

michaela romanini plastic surgeryMichaela Romanini is an Italian socialite that is in her mid-40’s. She apparently likes to tan, get plastic surgery and avoid plucking her eyebrows…WTF?!

Remember good ol’ Italian socialite Michaela Romanini? Not a whole lot is known about her, except that she has a, um, “memorable” face. She has obviously had some plastic surgery, most noticeably on her gigantic lips, and there have been a ton of requests for before plastic surgery pictures of Michaela. One of our readers […]

What is it with socialites using plastic surgery to turn themselves into beasts? Michaela Romanini, a Thai socialite & Jocelyn Wildenstein Above is Italian socialite Michaela Romanini, a socialite from Thailand and good ol’ Swiss socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein. Each of them have paid plastic surgeons hundreds of thousands of dollars to look the way that […]

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