Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Plastic Surgery

Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity and plastic surgery news stories: Hayden Panettiere is removing her misspelled “Live without regrets” tattoo. Irony at its best! – Too Fab Amanda Bynes proves that being crazy is expensive. – TMZ Miley Cyrus thinks her crappy performance at the VMA’s “made […]

Miley Cyrus before and after veneers cosmetic dentistry

Miley Cyrus has had to endure growing up in the public eye, awkward stages and all, since being thrust into show business at the tender age of 11. And like most starlets with millions of dollars at their disposal and an impressional young mind, Miley is starting with the cosmetic enhancements at a young age. […]

Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity news stories: Rihanna got a really really really stupid new tattoo. – Rihanna Tattoos Demi Moore hospitalized for doing whip-its. WTF? – TMZ Joan Rivers calls out Chelsea Handler. And is seriously funny. – The Superficial Miley Cyrus fellates a gigantic black […]

Here are a few celebrities that have made over their smiles by undergoing cosmetic dentistry: While I don’t think that having cosmetic dentistry is that big of a deal, it appears that perhaps it could be the “gateway drug” to having more invasive cosmetic surgery. After viewing the gallery of celebrity smile makeovers, it became […]

MIley Cyrus before after nose job

Whilst digging through recent paparazzi photos of Miley Cyrus, I couldn’t help but notice something peculiar about Miley Cyrus’s nose. It looks like the standard issue “perfect” nose that they teach in Rhinoplasty 101 (at Dr. Hacks Plastic Surgery College)! So I found some old picture of Miley and yes, of course, she has had […]

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