Nicole “Coco” Austin

Nicole “Coco” Austin and Plastic Surgery

nicole coco austinNicole Austin is a model that is married to rapper Ice T. Nicole goes by the name “Coco” and is known for her super-sized breasts and butt. Nicole denies having butt implants, but is she being truthful? Check out the pictures and you be the judge!

katy perry plastic surgery mummies

During Katy Perry’s Prismatic tour, fans were left scratching their heads after backup dancers dressed as big-bootied mummies took the stage to perform with the starlet. While many media outlets overanalyzed the display, and called Katy Perry a racist for dressing up her back up dancers as “hypersexualized caricatures of black women”, the reasoning behind […]

Coco Butt Implant / Butt Injections

Nicole “Coco” Austin appeared at a beach in Miami over the weekend, looking like the hulk in a leopard print bikini, and showing off what appears to be a dramatically enlarged badonkadonk. It looks like Nicole is trying to keep up with the Kardashians and has surgically increased the size of her already gigantic booty. […]

Nicole “Coco” Austin and her husband Ice T recently renewed their wedding vows and Coco showed up looking like a pitbull in lipstick in a tight fitting corset gown. The too-tight gown seems to reveal that Coco has double stacked breast implants: “Double stacked” breast implants are a shady procedure that most plastic surgeons will […]

Alrighty, time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity news stories: With a last name like Weiner, what did you really expect? He is simply fulfilling his destiny. – Gawker Khloe Kardashian exposes her nipple on live television. And *surprise, surprise* spends the rest of the day loving the attention. […]

Coco recently popped up at the Book Expo America tradeshow (a book trade show? Um, okay.) looking nearly unrecognizable! Coco and her husband Ice T have been filming an E! Entertainment reality show and it looks like she’s gotten some fresh plastic surgery in preparation for the debut. Coco is Ice T’s wife, who is […]

It’s not really a big surprise since she’s more plastic then human, but it looks like Sophie Turner has gotten butt implants. Sophie Turner before and after getting plastic surgery on her booty: Sophie Turner is an Australian model that became famous after appearing on the reality show “Search for a Stripper? Supermodel”. I was […]

It truely must be really hard to be a celebrity in the age of super sonic photography. Cameras nowadays catch everything. Every last pore, every smudge of makeup, every little wrinkle, every tiny scar…It certainly makes it hard to lie about the plastic surgery that you’ve had (especially when you hang out at the beach […]

Ice T’s wife, Nicole “Coco” Austin, has denied that she has had any sort of surgery to augment or enhance her butt. Oh, realllllllly… Coco before butt implants CENSORED. Click for image. Coco after butt implants CENSORED. Click for image. Yes, folks, I’m not kidding, this women claims to not have butt implants. It also […]

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