Otoplasty and Plastic Surgery

Aside from the visible scars that she hates, the after effects of Heidi Montag’s countless plastic surgeries reach more than just skin deep. In a candid Interview with Extra, Heidi reveals what life is like today dealing with the painful side effects, such as TMJ disorder, related to spending $30,000+ changing her body and face 5-years ago. […]

Monique Allen is described by her friends as having a big heart, but that’s not the only thing big about the transgendered pop star! She also has really big boobs, a 38 triple F rack to be exact, huge lips and big problems when it comes to her botched plastic surgery. Born a male, Monique […]

alessandra ambrosio plastic surgery after pictures

Do you ever wonder if Alessandra Ambrosio has undergone any surgery to get her banging body and perfectly proportioned face? According to her she has only been under the knife one time, and the experience was so terrifying she plans to ward off plastic surgery forever! Alessandra Ambrosio after having plastic surgery. Can you guess […]

Nadia Ilse before and after plastic surgery

There’s finally a bit of good news for kids getting bullied in school: they may be eligible for free plastic surgery! In one of the stranger and more deplorable practices in our society today, an organization called “Little Baby Faces” is offering cosmetic procedures for bullied kids, free of charge. While this may seem like […]

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