Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and Plastic Surgery

paris hilton photoshop twitter before and after

Apparently Paris Hilton thinks she’s a big fat pig, and feels the need to photoshop her social media photos. Paris posted photos to her Instagram and Twitter accounts from her trip to Ibiza, that are obviously photoshopped to make the super-skinny socialite appear even thinner. Paris Hilton before and after photoshop to make her waistline […]

Paris Hilton before and after butt augmentation

It looks like Paris Hilton has finally decided to do something about her flat-as-a-board butt! Paris debuted a much different, bubblier butt as she vacationed in Hawaii recently. Paris Hilton then and now: Did Paris Hilton finally break down and get plastic surgery on her butt? It sure does look like it! Paris has been […]

Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity news stories: 7 reasons why women shouldn’t get plastic surgery (from a guy’s prospective). – Guyism Formerly busty Jenna Jameson is nearly flat-chested now. – The Superficial Paris Hilton is looking more and more like her destiny (crazy lonely old dog lady). […]

Paris Hilton has been out and about promoting another one of her reality shows, “The World According to Paris”, and while her shows are always the same old Paris, it looks like the 30-year old socialite has recently had a tune up on her face. Looks like someone’s has been dipping into the trust fund […]

Oh. Wow. Paris Hilton got her lips done. And, DAMN, do they look bad! Paris Hilton before lip augmentation Paris Hilton after lip augmentation I can only imagine the conversation that Paris Hilton had with her cosmetic surgeon… Paris: “Doc, make my lips sexy.” Doctor: “Sexy? Okay, what did you have in mind? Describe sexy […]

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