Pete Burns

Pete Burns and Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery and Botox has become more and more popular in recent years for the public. However, celebrities have been famed for going under the knife for years and years. Some dabble in cosmetic surgery every so often just to lose a couple of years, however, for some it can become a dangerous addiction that […]

Man, Pete Burns sure does look like one scary pile of plastic, these days. In 2009 Pete Burns won a lawsuit against his plastic surgeon for a botched lip augmentation, and was awarded close to $1million. Apparently that cool million was burning a hole in Pete’s pocket, because he decided to get even more plastic […]

Here are plastic surgery “fans”, Pete Burns and Cindy Jackson, being interviewed on British TV show “This Morning”. It really is bizarre watching these molded plastic faces talking and trying to express emotion… By the way, am I the only one tired of Cindy Jackson acting like she is a piece of fine art? I […]

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