Priscilla Russo

Priscilla Russo and Plastic Surgery

Jerry Montano Priscilla Caputo

(Okay, her name may be Priscilla Caputo, but she will always be the Mystery Russian Beast to me!) So apparently Priscilla Caputo is as crazy as she looks. She had a 2-night stand with former Danzig bassist Jerry Montano, and when he declined to accept a third go at her, she freaked out, showed up […]

Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader (and porn aficionado), The mysterious “Russian Beast” with the ridiculous lip implants has been identified. She is not even Russian. Whoops! This beauty is American porn star Priscilla Russo (also known as Priscilla Caputo). In addition to her stupid looking lip implants, she also has triple D breast implants…(Not really […]

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