Rand Rusher

Rand Rusher and Plastic Surgery

It’s time for a little brain novocaine! Here is episode 2 of “Pretty Hurts”. This episode is titled, “Birthday’s Hurt” and you can watch the full episode right here: (If you are outside of the US, you can watch this episode of “Pretty Hurts”, here) Episode summary: In episode two (“Birthday’s Hurt”) of the reality […]

I hate to admit it, but “Pretty Hurts” is our new favorite guilty pleasure! In this new reality television show, an openly gay registered nurse (Rand Rusher) freezes and fills the faces of Hollywood “elite” (d-list reality stars and wannabes) with cosmetic injectables. Check out the full length first episode, titled “Mr. Fix It”, of […]

After the jaw-dropping trainwreckery that was “Bridalplasty” ended, our appetite for trashy reality tv has gone unsatisified. But, alas! There is a new plastic surgery reality show on the horizon! This new gem is called “Pretty Hurts” and the cameras follow plastic surgeon Rand Rusher as he injects botox and fillers into the the faces […]

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