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Rumer Willis and Plastic Surgery

rumer willis plastic surgeryRumer Willis is the oldest daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Rumors have swirled about the extent of Demi’s plastic surgery and in recent years it appears that Rumer is heading down the same path of plastic alterations on her face and body. Has Rumer had too much plastic surgery too young or is she simply keeping up with the trends in young Hollywood?

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Another year has come and gone, and 2014 didn’t disappoint in terms of celebrity makeovers and plastic surgery, some successful and some nightmarish. Here we break down the best and the worst famous faces that underwent rather drastic physical changes in 2014. We will save the best for last, first let’s take a look at […]

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Well, who would have thought that Rumer Willis would so quickly be following in her mom’s footsteps?! Rumer’s mom, Demi Moore, is best known for two things: acting and having a boatload of plastic surgery. Wanna take a stab at which path Rumer is heading down? Rumer Willis then and now: Rumer has recently popped […]

Rumer WIllis before and after lip injections

Looks like Rumer Willis is continuing her journey from ugly duckling to plastic swan! Most recently, Rumer has had injections to plump up the jam and increase the size of her naturally thin lips. Rumer Willis before and after lip injections: It looks like Rumer needed a bit more time to heal from the injections […]

I was going through some old pictures of Rumer Willis the other day and, while her chin now wouldn’t exactly be described as ‘petite’, her original chin is like “DAMN!”. When comparing pictures of Rumer now and Rumer prior to 2009, you can tell that she’s obviously had a chin reduction surgery. Rumer Willis before […]

Rumer Willis is continuing to check things off of her plastic surgery “to do” list! Rumer was spotted leaving Fred Segal yesterday with new, much larger breasts hanging out of her shirt. Rumer Willis before and after getting breast implants: The new boobs are not exactly surprising, as Rumer has had lots of plastic surgery […]

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I really hate trashing people for their god-given looks, but damn! Poor Rumor Willis really took a beating in the gene pool lottery. Rumer’s parents are Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who are both decent looking people (even before Demi had plastic surgery), and Rumer managed to get the worst mix-mash of her parents features. […]

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