Rylan Clark

Rylan Clark and Plastic Surgery

rylan clark before after veneers fake teeth

Another year has come and gone, and 2014 didn’t disappoint in terms of celebrity makeovers and plastic surgery, some successful and some nightmarish. Here we break down the best and the worst famous faces that underwent rather drastic physical changes in 2014. We will save the best for last, first let’s take a look at […]

rylan clark crazy weird too white fake teeth

Seriously. W.T.F. was Rylan Clark thinking when he got these absolutely ridiculously absurd veneers?! Rylan Clark and his bizarre new teeth: Looking at Rylan is giving me flashbacks of Max Headroom scaring the shit out of me as a child…Am I alone on this one?! Rylan Clark, who has become a reality show star after […]

Rylan Clark before and after facial plastic surgery

Rylan Clark quickly became a fan favorite on the popular reality/talent show, “The X Factor”, but not without controversy. When he made it to the live finals of the show, many viewers thought that the flamboyant singer lacked the talent and that it was unfair that he was chosen to move on in the competition, […]

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