Sarah Burge

Sarah Burge and Plastic Surgery

Anderson Cooper versus Sarah Burge

You’ve got to hand it to Anderson Cooper. Not many people can look the “Human Barbie” in the eye and tell her she is dreadful while still maintaining an air of quiet class. Earlier this week, Sarah Burge, a British woman who is in the Guinness Book of World Records for undergoing the most plastic […]

Sarah Burge Gave 7 year old Poppy the Gift of Liposuction

Legos, electronic toys and dolls were the top items on kids Christmas wish lists last year, but one mom decided that a voucher for liposuction would be the most exciting gift for her 7-year old daughter. Poppy receiving a liposuction voucher for Christmas. That mother is self-proclaimed “Human Barbie”, Sarah Burge. Sarah has already made […]

Apparently giving her teen daughter Botox injections didn’t get her enough attention, so Sarah Burge has decided to bring bad parenting to a whole new level by giving her 7 year old daughter Poppy a boob job voucher for her birthday. Poppy will be able to cash in the boob job voucher when she is […]

Sarah Burge is a British women, that has had over 100 cosmetic procedures and surgeries, and calls herself “The Real Life Barbie”. (I think she looks more like a tranny, but okay…) Sadly, she is also the mother of a teenage daughter, to whom she is passing on her mental health issue of twisted vanity. […]

Sarah Burge has been crowned the most plastic lady by “Guinness Book of World Records”. At 49 years old, Sarah has had over 100 cosmetic surgeries, which is apparently the most anyone has cared to admit to, and has spent $850,000 in her quest to turn back time. Formerly, Cindy Jackson was Guinness’s pick for […]

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