Scars and Plastic Surgery

I am completely addicted to Botched on E! The show features some incredibly unique characters that have undergone hell and back to be “perfect.” Although instead of ending up perfect, these plastic surgery patients ended up botched. Thanks to Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif many people are getting a second chance to improve […]

Halle Berry before and after breast implants

I think it goes without saying that Halle Berry has great boobs. Some may even say that Halle has some of the best boobs in Hollywood! But, like most of the Hollywood population, Halle Berry isn’t all natural. The 43-year old actress got breast implants in the early 90’s, just as her career was starting […]

Beth Chapman Before and After Tummy Tuck

Beth Chapman, wife of Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman, was photographed in a bikini in Hawaii recently, and something looked a little bit peculiar about her. Beth’s stomach looked suspiciously flat for a women of her size, and her belly button has that pulled look that often occurs after having an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). After […]

I’m not really the type to watch the “Wendy Williams” show, but was forced to when Dina Lohan was on the other day. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that Wendy Williams was a transgendered pornstar, but sadly I do know that Wendy Williams was actually born a women. Seriously though, girlfriend […]

Ke$ha recently turned up at an AMFAR event in a revealing hotpant/romper combo with draped butt skirt. Sadly, her outfit seems to reveal more then poor Ke$ha bargained for: Notice anything suspicious? That sure does look like a liposuction scar on Ke$ha’s upper thigh. Even her shiny Hooters pantyhose can’t hide it! Liposuction seems so […]

Heidi Montag will do anything to stay in the spotlight as her 15 minutes of fame begins to dim. Most recently she puts on her best sad face for the cover of Life&Style magazine while she reveals the obvious: Plastic surgery causes scars. In the Life&Style spread, Heidi shows off the scar left under her […]

Jenni “J-Woww” Farley from MTV’s Jersey Shore obviously has fake breasts. Not so obvious to the casual gawker are how horribly scarred J-Wowws boobs are. Recently, while letting Snooki do body shots off of her stomach (classy), J-Woww inadvertently showed the paparazzi where her plastic surgeon sliced open her breast in order to insert her […]

Here are pictures of Tila Tequila (and her breast implants) performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos festival. Classiness, thy name is Tila Tequila. And in case any of you are blind and think that Tila’s breasts are natural, you can see her breast augmentation scars in a couple of the pictures below.

It truely must be really hard to be a celebrity in the age of super sonic photography. Cameras nowadays catch everything. Every last pore, every smudge of makeup, every little wrinkle, every tiny scar…It certainly makes it hard to lie about the plastic surgery that you’ve had (especially when you hang out at the beach […]

Katie Price, aka Jordan, has the worst augmented breasts I have ever seen. Hands down. Here are some topless pictures of Katie Price that show how horribly scarred her nipples have become after having breast augmentation surgery. Her nipples are no longer round, they are ice cream cone shaped. Katie “Jordan” Price’s horrible scarred breasts: […]

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