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Selena Gomez and Plastic Surgery

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Disney and Nickelodeon stars that go mainstream have one thing in common: they feel the need to sex-up their image in order to ditch their squeaky clean reputation. Selena Gomez is no different, and rumor has it that she is also vamping it up to impress ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Although Selena is now dating musician […]

Being a fan of Selena Gomez is easy, she’s gorgeous, seemingly sweet, plus she can act and sing really well. Still, after the ongoing antics with Justin Bieber some fans have jumped off the Selena bandwagon. But has she really turned to Kris Jenner to keep her career on the uphill? The forging of a new […]

selena gomez boob job breast implants before and after

Surprise! Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez have rekindled their relationship. As we all know, Justin has been out getting into a lot of trouble in recent months. Meaning Selena undoubtedly has some trust issues to work out with the teen-pop sensation gone bad boy. Judging by recent pics of the two, she’s just as smitten for […]

Selena Gomez bad plastic surgery

Selena Gomez recently walked the purple carpet at the premiere of “Katy Perry: Part of Me”, and Selena’s new look left us scratching our heads. WTF happened to Selena Gomez’s face?! Selena Gomez then and now: It looks like Selena gained 30 lbs, but after a body check, it’s only her face that looks to […]

Selena Gomez before and after lip plumping injections

Looks like yet another teen Disney star has jumped on the trout pout trend! Selena Gomez recently stepping out with a plumped up kisser. Selena Gomez before and after lip plumping injections: Is Selena desperately trying to shed her sweet-as-pie Disney girl image with the help of a plastic surgeon? While the lip injections don’t […]

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