Shauna Sand

Shauna Sand and Plastic Surgery

Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity news stories: Drew Barrymore is pregnant… – E Online …and she’s having a shotgun wedding! – People Anne Hathaway cut off all her hair. Dislike. – The Superficial And just when you think she can’t get any more fame-whorey/slutty/gross, Shauna Sand f-ed […]

After seeing these pictures of Shauna Sand flashing her nipples to the paparazzi, I just have to ask…WTF happened to Shauna Sand’s nipples?! Shauna Sand slips a nip: (Click for uncensored version) Shauna Sand’s frankenipple: (Click for uncensored version) Her unfortunate nipple situtation could very well be a complication of breast augmentation surgery (looks like […]

Shauna Sand looks like she is almost recyclable at the age of 36. On top of her cheap and trashy, dollar store whore wardrobe, she’s also been way overdone by her plastic surgeon. Shauna has had numerous cosmetic surgeries, including: multiple breast augmentation, lip injections, botox, brow lift, injectible fillers and probably many other procedures. […]

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