Snooki and Plastic Surgery

Snooki before and after weight loss

Practically minutes after telling Wendy Williams that she was too afraid to have plastic surgery, Snooki has decided to get breast implants as a reward to herself for losing weight. Snooki before and after losing weight: The Daily Mail reports: Snooki has confessed to having an eating disorder in the past, but this time she […]

Snooki recently appeared on The Wendy Williams show, where she revealed that she wants to have plastic surgery. Why does Snooki want breast implants? Because she thinks that natural boobs are “annoying”. According to Snooki: “Well my boobs are great, but um, when you lay down, you know if you have natural boobs, they go […]

Alrighty, time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity news stories: 10 A-list celebrities killed by prescription drug overdoses. – Pop Crunch Top UK tabloid closed down after they were caught hacking celebrities cell phones. – CBS News Video of a drunken Snooki getting freaky with a plant… – TMZ […]

We’re trying out a new feature here at, called “Celebrity Ketchup”. Every Monday, we catch you up on all the celebrity gossip and update you on the important stuff, such as who got caught scratching their ass on the set of the new Batman movie: Guess who got caught in their tightie whities on […]

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