Stefani Germanotta

Stefani Germanotta and Plastic Surgery

Lady Gaga before trout pout lip injections

Lady Gaga recently posted the picture below to her Twitter account, where she is blowing a kiss goodnight to her fans in Melbourne: The picture of the pretty pop star has garnered more attention than Lady Gaga had expected as rumors swirl about her inflated-looking lips. Did she get plastic surgery to plump up her […]

Lady Gaga Before and After Boob Job

Looks like Lady Gaga finally got that boob job she’s been wanting! Lady Gaga before and after breast implants? The Mother Monster stepped out in New York last weekend, wearing a revealing black outfit that showcased what seems to be larger then normal breasts. What do you think? Did Gaga recently have a boob job, […]

Recent rumors are spreading like wildfire that Lady Gaga is considering undergoing plastic surgery…*Gasp!*…Well, if these rumors are true, they should read: “Lady Gaga to Undergo More Plastic Surgery” Lady Gaga has definately already had work done. We wrote about it over a year ago (here: Lady Gaga Knows a Great Plastic Surgeon). Some of […]

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