Sydney Leathers

Sydney Leathers and Plastic Surgery

sydney leathers before after labiaplasty vagina plastic surgery

I honestly think guys like Steve Hirsch and Joe Francis sit around getting drunk and making bets on what they can get dumb girls to do. There is just no other logical reason for why Sydney Leathers is even slightly famous and for her desperate shenanigans to remain in the spotlight (or keep her name in the tabloids in order […]

Sydney Leathers in a bikini before after plastic surgery

Sydney Leathers, the woman who busted Anthony Weiner for sexting, went ahead and got her plastic surgery makeover. And, apparently there was a lot of making over to be done, because she blew $40,000 on several different procedures! Sydney Leathers before and after plastic surgery: The unemployed 23-year old, who dropped out of college because […]


None of the people below warrant any sort of article of their own, and reading about these people might actually kill brain cells, so to limit your exposure, we have put together our own faux reality show titled, “The Young and The Useless”, where we can give you the gist of it on what these […]

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