Vanity Wonder

Vanity Wonder and Plastic Surgery

Vanity The 8th Wonder

Vanity Wonder can’t tell you about Wonder bras, but she can tell you about her wonder booty—no really, this thing is huge! The 30-year old woman won’t be making it any bigger though. After spending $15,000 on black market injections, Wonder has given up her addiction. Some sources say this decision arose because butt injections […]

Vanity Wonder after butt injections

Vanity Wonder is a model from the mid-west that is known for her petite frame and gigantic booty. The 4’11” model boasts measurement of 32-23-43, but she has recently admitted that her butt is not natural (shocker?!). Vanity has written a book titled “Shot Girls” and it is essentially about the underground culture of “butt […]

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