Celebrity Facelifts

Having a a facelift is a common practice for aging stars trying to stay fresh-faced and relevant. And while some celebrity facelifts have achieved the desired results of turning back time for a younger look, others have come out looking worse then before the facelift. With faces pulled too tight by an over-zealous cosmetic surgeon, some celebrities end up looking like they are walking through a wind tunnel or that their faces have been frozen in a permanent expression of surprise. Check out the pictures below to see some of your favorite celebrities before and after having a facelift!

Amanda Lepore
Barbara Walters
Barry Manilow
Bruce Jenner
Burt Reynolds
Candy Spelling
Christie Brinkley
Cyndi Lauper
Debbie Harry
The Duchess of Alba
Gene Simmons
Jackie Stallone
Jane Fonda
John Galliano
Kris Kardashian
Marie Osmond
Mary Tyler Moore
Nancy Pelosi
Olivia Newton John
Pamela Anderson
Pete Burns
Shannon Tweed
Vladimir Putin
Jill Zarin
Shirley Temple Black
Nileen Namita
Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke
Elsa Patton
Helen Mirren
Mama Elsa Patton
Jackie Stallone
Wayne Newton
Wayne Newton
Hunter Tylo
Sharon Osborne
Sharon Osborne
Lil Kim
Kris and Bruce Jenner
Patti Stanger
Louise Mensch
Helen Mirren
Michelle Pfeiffer

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