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Michelle SummersName: Michelle J.

Title: Freelance Writer

Bio: Michelle was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and moved to New York to attend The Fashion Institute of Technology. After several years of working in the fashion industry, Michelle decided to pursue another passion: partying at celebrity hotspots and writing anonymously about it. Surprisingly, Michelle found that there was a market for this type of work and using her business saavy, she made freelance writing her full-time job.

Michelle is a regular contributor at, as well as several other top celebrity and fashion websites.

Plastic Surgery?: “Define ‘plastic surgery’…”

Contact: [email protected]

Michelle SummersName: Maya K.

Title: Celebrity Snoop / Writer

Bio: Maya grew up in Ocean Beach, California and has always had an unhealthy obsession with celebrities. Maya is like a walking encyclopedia of useless celebrity facts. Do you know how many times Lindsay Lohan has offically been arrested? Well Maya knows…and can probably give you exact dates, what she wore to each court appearance and who she was spotted partying with the night before.

Maya is a contributing writer on and was the brain child behind (and current writer of) the Celebrity Ketchup feature.

Plastic Surgery?: “Yes, please! OKay. I’ve had 1 surgery and too many cosmetic procedures to count on my own phalanges. Does laser hair removal count?!”

Contact: [email protected]

betty bangName: Betty B.

Title: Contributing Writer

Bio: Betty is our British firecracker from the UK. Hairstylist by day, pop culture/entertainment writer by night, Betty came to us as an avid reader and now writes regularly for

Betty is our expert in Botox detection. Botox has become a common “extra” in the salon that she works in and she’s seen results both bad and good from this beauty toxin.

Plastic Surgery?: “Not for myself, but I am not opposed to it.”

Contact: [email protected]

Jane Doe Famous PlasticName: Jane D.

Title: Head Writer

Bio: Jane is the brains, veneers and hair extensions behind She became obsessed with plastic surgery and its stealth creepiness into the mainstream population in 2006. After her personal blog became inundated with rantings articles about famous faces that have been transformed via the surgeons knife, in 2008 Jane decided to start up a website dedicated solely to celebrity plastic surgery. Jane has worked extensively within the inner circle of celebrities, doing hair and makeup for the rich and famous.

Plastic Surgery?: “Never say never.”

Contact: [email protected]

Michelle SummersName: Summer H.

Title: Advertising Executive

Bio: Summer grew up in San Diego, California and attended San Diego State University. Summer holds a degree in marketing and is very passionate about online marketing and how to effectively market yourself in the ever-changing internet generation.

Summer heads up the advertising department at If you’re looking to market your product/website/self on, she’s the girl that can effectively and efficiently get your message out.

Plastic Surgery?: “No way, Jose”

Contact: [email protected]

Even Steven MurphyName: Steven M.

Title: Resident Nerd

Bio: Steven adds a little testosterone to our office. Oh, and he makes sure the internet works, the websites are optimized and that our network is secure. Anything computer related, Steven knows too much about.

Plastic Surgery?: “Uh, seriously?”

Contact: [email protected]

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