Shauna Sand looks like she is almost recyclable at the age of 36. On top of her cheap and trashy, dollar store whore wardrobe, she’s also been way overdone by her plastic surgeon. Shauna has had numerous cosmetic surgeries, including: multiple breast augmentation, lip injections, botox, brow lift, injectible fillers and probably many other procedures.

Shauna Sand before and after lip injections:

shauna sand lamas lip injections celebrity plastic surgery

Shauna Sand before and after plastic surgery:

shauna sand lamas boob job breast implants celebrity plastic surgery

Why do Shauna’s breast implants look rectangular?!

Here is a video of Shauna Sand getting caught leaving her plastic surgeons office, where she claims to have gotten “nerve block”…Um…What?!

In case you were wondering who Shauna Sand is, she is famous for: being a 1996 Playboy Playmate, marrying Lorenzo Lamas and being the trashiest looking mom in Hollywood (she has three daughters).

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In case anyone was wondering, Jenna Jameson is still looking ridiculous with her over inflated top lip…Here is Jenna giving her best “blow up doll” pose at the opening of the movie “Zombie Strippers”.

Jenna Jameson’s over-inflated lip:

jenna jameson fat lip celebrity plastic surgery

Is she really looking in the mirror and thinking she looks better with the lip injections?

You can check out Jenna Jameson before her most recent plastic surgery, here: Jenna Jameson’s plastic surgery pictures.

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I always thought that Janet Jackson had undergone plastic surgery, just like Michael and Latoya. But, look at this! Here is a side by side comparison of Janet Jackson at 17 and 41.

Janet Jackson at age 17 (left) and age 41 (right):

janet jackson celebrity plastic surgery

Her facial structure is exactly the same, with the exception of a minor nose job. I can’t believe those amazing cheek bones are real! Janet Jackson shows zero signs of aging, but she also shows zero signs of plastic surgery. I’m so confused!

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Like most of the Jackson clan, Latoya Jackson has had her fair share of cosmetic surgery. The most obvious plastic surgery that Latoya has had is an aggressive rhinoplasty.

Latoya Jackson before & after plastic surgery:

latoya jackson nose job plastic surgery

It seems that plastic surgeons in the 80’s and early 90’s gave everyone the exact same nose! A bad nose job is one that is completely different from the nose you started with (like Latoya). Nowadays, plastic surgeons are going for a more subtle change by refining and/or straightening your nose, but not making such aggressive changes.

Latoya Jackson looks like she also has had chin and cheek implants, just like her brother Michael Jackson. I bet they use the same unfortunate plastic surgeon, as their procedures look very similar.

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What in the hell was Meg Ryan thinking?! She currently has a bad case of odd looking duck lips caused by horrible lip implants.

Megan Ryan before lip augmentation:

meg ryan celebrity plastic surgery

Megan Ryan after lip implants:

meg ryan lip implants plastic surgery

The lip implants give Meg Ryan an odd, joker-like mouth that really does not suit her face (does that look suit anyones face besides The Joker?). Meg Ryan had such a cute smile before, too. What a shame.

Meg Ryan has been toying with lip augmentation for many years now. She started with lip injections, which actually looked pretty good on her:

Megan Ryan after lip injections, but before she got lip implants:

meg ryan lip injetions plastic surgery

Unfortunately she went to extremes and opted for the full on lip implants, which look horrible. Meg probably got fed up with maintaining the lip injections (which fade out and need to be redone every 3 – 6 months).

Meg Ryan also has the classic overly Botoxed face to go along with her lip injections. Does anyone age gracefully in Hollywood anymore?

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Gene Simmons, the lead singer of KISS, underwent several plastic surgeries while filming his reality show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”. Gene had a face lift, liposuction and a tummy tuck performed, and his girlfriend Shannon Tweed had a face lift as well.

Gene Simmons after face lift surgery:

gene simmons plastic surgery

Here is the interview Gene Simmons gave regarding his choice to have plastic surgery:

How did you decide to get a facelift?
The face lift happened matter of factly. I decided to do it and when Leslie Greif, one of the executive producers on the show, asked if he could film it, I said, “Why not?”

Did anyone try and change your mind?
The kids weren’t that crazy about it, but went along with my decision. They trust my instincts. Shannon was fine with it. Matter of fact, she went with me. [In regards to] the rest of the world, I hardly ask or share info with anyone else.

Besides the facelift, were you considering getting anything else done? If so, what?
I also had tummy tuck and took some off of my man boob.

Ten years ago, would you have considered getting this surgery?
Ten years ago, I never thought about it. That doesn’t mean I had fast and rigid rules. I don’t. I never did. I always give myself the option to make up my mind when and where.

What anxieties/worries did you have before the surgery?
I had no anxieties or worries. Once I decide to do something, I do it.

Have you had any second thoughts about getting it done?
Have no second thoughts. I am more stunning now, than ever.

How did your family react to the results?
Sophie and Nick were a bit shocked. Soph cried when she first saw me, because she thought I was in pain. Once I explained to her I was feeling no pain, the rest was easy. As I said, they trust my instincts.”

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Lindsay Lohan’s 14-year old sister, Ali Lohan, has had some work done on her lips. Just like Lindsay, it appears that Ali has had lip injections to plump her top lip.

Ali Lohan before lip injections:

ali lindsay lohan celebrity plastic surgery

Ali Lohan after lip injections:

ali lindsay lohan lip injections

Ali Lohan is only 14 years old! Why in the world would her mother (Dina Lohan) let her get plastic surgery so young? And, how could a plastic surgeon think it was okay to plump a little girls lips?! I guess money talks (and morals walk)…Gotta love Hollywood. *Barf*

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While we have already commented briefly on Kristy Joe’s fake breasts, her Playboy pictures show just how bad of a boob job she really has.

Kristy Joe Muller’s bad boob job:

CENSORED – Click for photo

Kristy Joe’s breast implants are too wide and her nipples came out uneven. Her left nipple is way too high up on the top of her breast implant. She’s a beautiful girl, but the bad boob job is probably why she was only a Playboy cybergirl versus being chosen as a Playmate.

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