There have been reports that High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale is getting fake boobs to go with her fake nose. Star Magazine report:

Ashley wants curves. She wants to be sexy and not to look like a stick-thin model. She wants to look like a model…She’s already trying on padded bras to pick her new size!

But don’t expect to see Ash’s new bust anytime soon, the actress has decided to wait until she wraps up shooting on High School Musical 3: Senior Year before undergoing the surgery.

The part about getting a boob job in order to look like a model, is such a cop out. The only “models” that get breast implants are wannabes, pornstars and trashy lingerie models. Name one working supermodel that has breast implants! I bet you can’t because real models don’t have fake tits.

Of course, Ashley Tisdale’s rep has denied that she is getting breast implants, but that is standard procedure. She also supposedly got the nose job in order to fix a deviated septum. Riiiiiight…I’m so sure that Ashley will get a boob job that I’m willing to post the before and after pictures right now:

Ashley Tisdale before breast implants:

ashley tisdale before boob job

Ashley Tisdale after breast implants?:

(click for uncensored picture of Ashley’s breast implants)

What do you think, will Ashley Tisdale boost her bust with breast implants? I bet she will since she’s young and obviously insecure. The 1st person that guesses correctly wins a cute new bikini from!

Vote above and also leave a comment with your guess, so we have your email address in order to contact you if you are the winner.

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Once upon a time, Traci Bingham was a very pretty girl. Unfortunately, she prefers the pornstar look to pretty. And, thanks to the help of her plastic surgeon, she is looking trashy as hell!

Traci’s 1st plastic surgery was rhinoplasty (a nose job), which actually was pretty well done.

Traci Bingham before and after nose job:

traci bingham nose job

Then she decided to boost her career with a set of giant breast implants:

Traci Binghams bedazzled breast implants:

traci bingham boob job

Finally, Traci decided to finish off her look (well, at least for now) with a collagen filled pornstar pout:

Traci Bingham before lip injections:

traci bingham

Traci Bingham after lip injections:

traci bingham

And that is how Traci Bingham went from pretty to pornstar in just three cosmetic procedures!

It’s easy to see why Traci has been unable to find steady acting work once Baywatch ended. After all of the plastic surgery she has had done, she looks like every other wannabe model in Los Angeles. Girls that look like that are a dime a dozen in Hollywood.

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Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan’s daughter and wannabe pop singer, has been keeping the company of a couple of new friends lately (and by “friends” I mean “breast implants”)…

Brooke Hogan before breast implants:

Brooke Hogan after breast implants:

Brooke Hogan has tried just about everything to get her taste of fame: The famous father (Hulk Hogan), over-produced pop song (“About Us” featuring Paul Wall), reality show (Hulk Knows Best), family problems (brothers car accident, parents divorce), trashy fashion choices and now PLASTIC SURGERY. Unfortunately, Brooke is as bland as ever, even with fake boobies. I wonder when her sex tape will be released leaked? Isn’t that the next step to fame?!

Brooke Hogan and her new boobs take flight!

Brooke was pretty much destined to get a boob job, since her mom, Linda, has breast implants (as well as other cosmetic procedures). I would love to see some sort of statistic showing the percentage of women whose mothers had a breast augmentation, that also end up opting for the breast aug surgery…

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Courtney Love has undergone her fair share of plastic surgeries, but now that she is (supposedly) sober, she has expressed regret that she had work done on her lips. Courtney has gone so far as to vow to reverse the damage done to her lips. Since she has to undergo additional surgery to correct her lip augmentation, I would say that Courtney Love had lip implants as opposed to lip injections. Injectable fillers will eventually fade on their own, unlike lip implants.

Courtney Love before lip implants:

courtney love before plastic surgery

Courtney Love after lip implants:

courtney love after plastic surgery

Courtney Love has also admitted to having a nose job done. Quite honestly, I would have never guessed, so kudos to her rhinoplasty surgeon!

Courtney Love has not admitted to having breast implants, but it’s obvious that she has indeed undergone breast augmentation very early in her career. When she was 1st starting with her band “Hole”, she was clearly a very flat chested A cup.

Courtney Love before boob job:

courtney love before breast implants

Courtney Love after boob job (note the scars):

courtney love boob job scars

Courtney Love’s frankenboobie implants:

courtney love boob job picture

Courtney Love had relatively small sized implants put in, so it really is difficult to tell that she had a breast augmentation (until you see her naked). I do believe that she has since had her implants removed, but it’s hard to tell with her fluctuating weight loss/gain. And since she’s had her implants for over 10 years, they start to sag like normal breasts which make them look more realistic.

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Lil Kim’s bad nose job is progressively getting worse. Her plastic surgeon pulled a “Michael Jackson” and took way too much off the top. As we age, our bodies change and unfortunately Lil Kim does not have enough cartilage left in her nose to hold it up, so her bridge has sunken into her skull. She looks like someone threw a little bit of putty at her face and called it a nose. Pretty!

Lil Kim before (right) and after (left) rhinoplasty

lil kim bad nose job

It appears that Lil Kim is laying off the lip injections, but unfortunately her lips are already scarred from the previous work she’s had done, so she’ll never be able to regain her natural (and formerly gorgeous) smile. It also looks like she got some bad Botox, judging from that wonky eyebrow…

Lil Kim has had several bad plastic surgeries including lumpy lipo, bad breast implants, cheek implants, nose job, lip aug, etc. I think it’s safe to say that she is addicted to plastic surgery and has royally screwed up her face and body in her quest for plastic perfection.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs


Lindsay Lohan recently did a nude photo shoot for New York magazine. She was asked to do the shoot by famed photographer so and so….blahblahblah…Marilyn Monroe…yaddayaddayadda…Any how, here are the pictures of Lindsay’s boobs…

Behold…Lindsay Lohan’s boobs!

(Click picture for uncensored version)

Lindsay Lohan’s intentional nip slip:

(Click picture for uncensored version)

I would like to use these nude photos of Lindsay Lohan to make an actual point. Lindsay Lohan does NOT have breast implants. Ever since Lindsay grew boobs, there have been constant rumors that she got/has breast implants. Even when Lindsay lost a bunch of weight and her breasts shrank along with the rest of her body, some morons even went so far as to say that she just had her implants removed.

Lindsay Lohan just happens to be blessed with naturally large breasts and the realness of her boobs is very apparent in these nude photos. You can see the natural teardrop sag that natural boobie possess. Also, you can see that there is no obvious roundness when she is laying on her back (in the 2nd photo).

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britney spears breast implantsRolling Stone magazine is reporting that Britney Spears did indeed get breast implants as a teen (with her mothers consent), but had them later removed.

According to Rolling Stone’s source, Britney “regretted the implants, particularly because her chest was still growing, and when her natural breasts became larger, she had the implants removed.”

There have always been rumors that Britney Spears has had breast implants, but I don’t really buy it. I havn’t seen any pictures of Britney with obviously fake looking breasts, but it is possible that she had them done when she was young and had them removed shortly after. If Britney Spears had a boob job, she had a very talented plastic surgeon because Britney’s boobs have always looked natural.

If it’s true that Britney Spears removed her breast implants, then she has joined a long list of celebrities with breast implant regret

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Brittany Murphy showed up at Fashion Week in New York with a very unfashionable new top lip. Brittany’s plastic surgeon really went for it with this latest round of lip injections and her top lip looks like it’s going to burst. Yet another young star trying too hard to look younger as they age (Brittany Murphy is 30)…

Brittany Murphy before lip injections:

Brittany Murphy after lip injections:

The sad thing is that her augmented lip makes her look like a middle aged house wife from Orange County. Luckly for Brittany, injectable fillers are eventually absorbed by the body, so she won’t be stuck with the duck lips forever.

Now let us review what we’ve learned…

Sexy lips:

Scary lips:

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