NOOOOOO!!!! Amy, not you too! I really didn’t want to believe it, but from the photos I just scoured through, it does indeed appear that Amy Winehouse got herself a boob job.

Amy Winehouse before breast implants:

amy winehouse boob job

Amy Winehouse after breast implants:

amy winehouse breast implants

From what it looks like, Amy went from an A cup to a C cup, which looks a little cartoonish on her tiny little body. I wonder why someone as talented as Amy Winehouse would choose to get breast implants? I can understand why models and wannabe actresses try and go the sexy bimbo route, but Amy? She has so much talent, who needs big plastic boobies…

What I really want to know is, how in the world did they come up with enough drugs to put her down for the breast augmentation surgery?! Seriously, this girl snorts horse tranquilizers (Special K) for Christs sake!

On a serious note, we all wish Amy Winehouse and her new boobs the best in rehab.

So what do you think? Did Amy have breast implants installed or is she playing up her boobs with padded bras? Hopefully it’s the later. Padded bras are much easier to remove once the novelty of having giants boobs wears off.

Here are some more pictures of Amy Winehouse’s new breast implants.

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Do you regret getting breast implants? Well, if so, you are not alone. Here is a list of celebrities that had breast augmentation and then later had their breast implants removed:

– Loni Anderson
– Pamela Anderson (She had 2nd thoughts and later replaced them.)
– Kate Beckinsale
– Linda Blair
– Nicole Eggert
– Jane Fonda
– Mariel Hemingway
– Jenna Jameson (Jenna claims to have removed her implants, but it appears that she just downsized.)
– Jenny Jones
– Sally Kirkland
– Courtney Love
– Jenny McCarthy (She later replaced her implants.)
– Demi Moore
– Stevie Nicks
– Britney Spears
– Kimberly Stewart
– Kari Wuhrer
– Mariel Hemingway

The unfortunate thing about getting breast implants and not liking them, is that it is not only a waste of thousands of dollars, but breast implants can stretch out and damage your breasts. Most people that have implants permanently removed will have to undergo a breast lift or additional surgeries to correct the damage done by implants.

There are many reasons why people opt to remove their breast implants. Here is a 29-year old women that is suffering from capsular contracture. This happens when the scar tissue tightens around and squeezes the implant.

Capsular contracture of breast implant:

CENSORED – Click for photo

This women decided to have her implants removed and not replace them. Here is the same 29-year old women after having her implants removed.

After breast implant removal:

CENSORED – Click for photo

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Oh. Wow. Does this chick really think her fake ass looks good?

CENSORED – Click for photo

This women looks like a cartoon! I doubt that giggles and laughs are the reactions she was hoping to get after getting butt implants. If she only went half that size, she may have just looked like she had a nice muscular butt. Now? Not so much…

Can you image what this butt is going to look like in a few years when it starts sagging? Ew.

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Jessica Biel’s Fake Lips


Jessica Biel has always had nice lips, but it looks like she’s already hooked on collagen injections. She started getting lip fillers years ago, but her lip keeps getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER!

Jessica Biel before lip injections:

young jessica biel lip

Jessica Biel after lip injections:

jessica biel fake lips

I swear, temporary lip fillers (collagen, Restylane, Juvederm, etc) are like crack. Once you get your first needle full, you want more and more. Which is why you see all these older women with these ridiculously inflated lips (Lisa Rhinna, Janice Dickenson, Jocelyn Wildenstein, etc.). The first trip to the cosmetic surgeon you just want a little plumping, then next time you want a little more so maybe it will last just a little bit longer, and so on and so forth, until your lips have been inflated and stretched out so big that you NEED the lip fillers to avoid having disfigured lips.

Gateway “drug”, Jessica, gateway…

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Here is a video about a women who paid $5500 for butt implants, only to have them end up droopy and painful:

People that are unhappy with the results of their cosmetic surgeries are more common then most people realize. Plastic surgery disappointment is not very publicized because most people are too embarrassed by the outcome, or they don’t want people to know that they had plastic surgery in the first place.

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Rapper Lil Kim has undergone quite a transformation thanks to her plastic surgeon. Well, I wouldn’t exactly thank her cosmetic surgeon, but I guess it’s her choice to look like this…

Lil Kim before plastic surgery:

lil kim before plastic surgery

Lil Kim after lots of plastic surgeries:

lil kim after plastic surgery

Little Kim has undergone some major changes, including breast implants, tummy tuck, nose job, cheek implants, collagen injections, botox injections, eye work and it appears that she recently had some sort of face lift as well. Her face is pulled so tight, she literally looks asian. Yikes!

Lil Kim after too much plastic surgery:

little kim plastic surgery

Lil Kim looking very much like she’s asian now:

lil kim bad plastic surgery

Can you believe people spend tens of thousands of dollars to look like this?! Little Kim is quickly crossing into Michael Jackson grade plastic surgery. WAY too much going on with this one.

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Looks like another young Hollywood star (Ashley Tisdale) has fallen pray to the vanity of Hollywood and royally fucked up her face by getting a horrible nose job.

Ashley Tisdale before her nose job:

ashley tisdale nose job pictures

Ashley Tisdale after her nose job:

ashley tisdale nose job pictures

Ashley’s nose looks SO much better before she had the nose job performed. It was in no way a bad looking nose. It was actually pretty cute! After the rhinoplasty, her nose looks too thin, pointy and long. I would not be surprised to see her nose collapse and fall of her face, a la Michael Jackson, within the next 10 – 20 years. Unfortunately, a bad nose job like Ashley Tisdale’s is impossible to fix, because the plastic surgeon has already taken too much off. Poor girl.

Ashley Tisdale has admitted to having a nose job, but claims it was to correct a deviated septum. Fixing some sort of breathing problem is a popular excuse for celebs to get nose jobs without admitting that that are really doing it for vanity. But, fixing a deviated septum does not change the external look of your nose, so Ashley is not being honest.

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I saw the following talk show regarding teens and plastic surgery, and it made me so mad! What sort of cosmetic surgeon would operate on an insecure child? Teens bodies are still growing and changing, so I find it totally absurd that these doctors and parents would condone teens receiving plastic surgery.

What do you think? Should these parents be encouraging their children to have cosmetic surgery, or should they reassure them that they are beautiful the way they are?

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