Kylie Jenner isn’t old enough to buy cigarettes, drink alcohol or legally live on her own, but apparently she has the okay from her parents to get ridiculous amounts of plastic surgery on her face.

Kylie Jenner before and after plastic surgery:
kylie jenner lip injections plastic surgery 2014

In the last couple of years we have watched as Kylie has gone from an enviously gorgeous girl to a bizarre, plastic surgeried Kim Kardashian blow up doll knock off. Not only has she copied her big sister Kim’s hairstyle, makeup and clothing, but the youngest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan is already surgically altering her face at the age of 17!

Most noticeable, are the HUGE over-inflated lips that Kylie is now sporting. Her Instagram feed has become a gallery of pouty selfie closeups and videos showcasing her new lips, so clearly Kylie is digging on her new plastic surgery, but if you ask us, she looks fucking ridiculous.

Remember all of those poor fashion/makeup/hairstyle choices we made as teenagers, that we look back on and laugh at? Kylie will certainly be looking back at the decision to have plastic surgery in her teens, but I don’t think she’ll be laughing since she will probably be spending her 20’s and 30’s trying to fix those lips after stretching them out with so much filler…

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Cynthia Nixon is 48-years old and looks incredible. Best known for her role as Miranda Hobbes on Sex and the City, Cynthia serves as a fashion icon to women all over the world. And for those battling breast cancer, the superstar offers even more hope and inspiration, having successfully battled off the disease after her diagnoses in 2006.

Just like any good looking celebrity without much sign of wrinkles or fat, the public just has to know: what is she doing to retain her youthful glow, figure, and skin!?!

Cynthia Nixon then and now:
Cynthis Nixon then and now. Has she had plastic surgery?

Throughout the years many rumors about plastic surgery have surrounded the star, including a boob job back in 2008. Although Nixon fired back at these rumors, and even admitted having a good laugh over the whole thing.

Me?! Plastic surgery?! You gotta be kidding me!
Cynthia Nixon

While rumors were correct that she had been at St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital that weekend, she claims she was in the Oncology department for a routine 3-month check up related to her breast cancer. She even said that if she were to get a boob job, “…wouldn’t it make sense that I’d get it before Sex and the City (the movie)?”

With these ladies as best friends, the pressure to be perfect is on. 

Perhaps Cynthia does not have breast implants, but she’s just got to be doing something in order to keep her age from showing—so what is it?

Cynthia says that she uses a very gentle beauty regimen in order to keep her sensitive skin looking its best. As an ageing adult with rosacea she must be extra cautious about using too much foundation or harsh exfoliates, otherwise she risks looking older and aggravating her skin. She recommends stick foundation placed only where it is needed, as opposed to all over.

Those closest to Cynthia say she is not the type to run out and get a bunch of plastic surgery, that’s just not her style. Although, some Botox injections are not completely out of the question… what do you think?


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Thanks to reality TV, we have some of the strangest celebrities ever running around Hollywood today. Take Courtney Stodden for example. Back in 2011 when Stodden was only 16-years-old she married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison. Now at 20, Courtney still strives to keep herself in the spotlight for just about nothing, except maybe her huge tits with their very own names. She considers herself a reality personality, model, actress, and animal rights activist—hey at least she’s using her giant jugs to help the animals!

Then and now, Courtney looks a lot different…. is it really just her breasts?

As per usual, Courtney Stodden is letting it all hang out there. Recently she came out swinging, taking hits at anyone that accused her of having loads of plastic surgery. Courtney says that she has not had any work done on her face, or any other part of her body, other than her breasts. She does admit to getting filler injected into her lips about one year ago, but she says the results only lasted for 6 months.

One thing she can’t deny having done is her breast augmentation. She says, “I wasn’t depressed with a smaller chest, it’s just that I didn’t feel my most confident self. And confidence is so important in all aspects of life, it’s what takes you far.”

Courtney Stodden and her “confidence” looking like it’s about to explode right out of her chest…
courntey stodden and her huge painful gross boobs

While at first she did get some looks, and doubts about her decision to go under the knife to enlarge her breasts, she says that everyone she loves, including herself, is now happy with the decision. Upgrading her small chest to E-Cup boobs means it’s not easy to escape the stares, from men and women. After all they sort of ‘stand out.’ But Courtney doesn’t let that faze her, when she wants to keep the stares at bay she simply wears more conservative clothing.

“I have zero regret, in fact, I think I would have regret my decision had I not got my girls.” Ironic that she calls them her ‘girls’ like they are her children, because in a way, they really are. Courtney has even named each of her E-cup implants, calling one Boo and the other Bee. Get it? Boo and Bee? Boobie?! Oh, Courntey, so clever that one…


Living in the plastic capital of Los Angeles, Courtney says that she sees the risks in getting too obsessed with plastic surgery all around her. Just like any addiction, she admits that plastic surgery can take over your life and turn into a “potentially deadly cycle.” While Courtney is not planning to go under the knife anytime soon she does leave some wiggle room for her next cosmetic alteration saying, “…but when gravity begins to take place, you better believe I’ll be ringing my surgeon!!!”

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Lucy and Anna DeCinque are more than just twins. The two 28-year-olds living in Perth, Australia literally share EVERYTHING. They share the same Facebook account, plastic surgery agenda, cell phone, and bed. Oh yeah, and they even share the same boyfriend. According to Anna, “I don’t think we could get any closer.” I doubt anyone would argue with that!

Pictured below, before and after the twins underwent surgery to look exactly the same–and more like Kim K.


I guess some of this sharing might save the twins money, helping them to afford over $200,000 on plastic surgery in order to age exactly the same and look even more alike.

The surgeries and cosmetic procedures the two have undergone (side-by-side of course) include:

-Breast implants

-Lip enhancements

-Cheek enhancements

-Weekly skin peels

-Infrared sauna treatments

-Tattooed eyebrows

They also stick to the same exercise regime and diet to ensure one never looks different than the other. They both seek inspiration from Kim Kardashian when it comes to their cosmetic alterations, as well as their fashion choices.


Beauty school dropouts Anna and Lucy apply their Kim Kardashian inspired makeup:

The girls say they like everything the same, and so this naturally includes their taste in men—hence how they have the same boyfriend. So who is this boyfriend? Ben Byrne is a 31-year-old electrical mechanic that has been dating the girls for 18 months. Not only does he get two girlfriends out of the deal, but he also gets a place to live—although that means living at his girlfriends’ mother’s home.

70-year-old Jeanna is surprisingly supportive of her daughters’ decision to share the same boyfriend, she has even let him live under her roof for the last 10 months with little to no complaints.

In the past the girls have typically had their own boyfriends, although they were always brothers or at least best friends. The twins say wherever they go men stop them and say they would love to date, or marry, both of them. Perhaps these occurances helped inspire their idea to score the same exact boyfriend.

The girls met Ben through a mutual Facebook friend using their joint account, and the rest was pure magical romance made for 3. It’s not all fun and games though, Ben admits to Woman’s Day, “It’s my first time with two girlfriends, and to be honest it’s very difficult because it has to be 100 per cent even.” At first he was shy about the unusual arrangement, but with time he has grown comfortable with the situation and is now ready to share it with the world.

And if you are wondering about their sex life the twins share, “We’re all together when we have sex, and if we like the same guy, so be it.” Besides, they say that if they did have different boyfriends they wouldn’t be able to tell the two twins apart anyway.

Twins Lucy and Anna DeCinque share everything, including their boyfriend.

The girls went to the same nursery, primary, and secondary schools, and even dropped out of beauty school together. While the dynamic duo likes to act and look the same, you will never catch them repeating an outfit. They always wear a new outfit every time they go out.

So how do they afford it all—besides still living at home with mom? They share a job serving food to the elderly at a local retirement home, each working part of what is a full-time job intended for one person. Hey–they share everything else, why not a job!


Still, there’s got to be the occasional catfight—right? The girls admit they do fight from time to time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t rely on one another every day of their life.

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Kyle Richards, known for her role on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, looks better at 45 than she ever has. This is for a number of reasons, namely two. Reason number one: the reality TV star eats next to no sugar. Reason number two: she gets regular plastic surgery and cosmetic alterations.

Then and now, Richards looks better than ever. images

Despite her own reliance on the world of cosmetic surgery, Kyle does NOT want her daughters going under the knife, no thank you!

Apparently, Kyle wants to be the only one in this pack with plastic surgery.

Thanks to skipping out on many delicious foods, Kyle Richards wants everyone to know that she has shed 7-pounds since the last season of Real Housewives. Kyle told Parade this month, “I’m only 5-foot-2, with big boobs and a butt, so it shows!” Clearly, someone likes their body. And she should, after all she puts in a lot of work to keep herself in such good shape.

She admits that she takes the time to exercise and eat right. Utilizing so much will-power isn’t easy for anyone but Kyle is all-smiles about it because it earns her a great figure. Strangely though, during the same interview with Parade, Kyle also shared that being thin was not a priority for her right now.

If you’re confused, I am too. And apparently Kyle Richards is confused too. She is working her bum off to stay thin, but her weight is not a priority? The contradictions just keep on coming throughout the interview. For instance, despite her open love affair with plastic surgery, she says she does not want any one of her 4 children to get work done.

In proof of Kyle’s plastic surgery obsession:

-In 2006 Kyle Richards got a nose job.

-In 2012 she got liposuction in order to make her love handles disappear and her hips look smaller.

-Kyle regularly gets Botox injections to keep her face tight.

Kyle Richards (and her fake “abs”) after having liposuction in 2012:
Kyle Richards in a Bikini after full body liposuction

Kyle may say that she doesn’t want her girls to get plastic surgery, but her actions seem to contradict her words quite often, meaning her girls will likely be going under the knife whenever they please. After all, when Parade asked Kyle if she would support one of her daughters if they decided to get plastic surgery, she followed up her definite no with, “…if they were adamant and they were an adult, I would I guess have to see what it was.”


Although all of her daughters are gorgeous and perfect, I put money on the table that they all have plastic surgery before 25.  And as for Kyle Richards? She’s probably getting more plastic surgery right now! Kyle Richards’ stance on many things, including plastic surgery, seems pretty wishy-washy, right?!

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Apparently Paris Hilton thinks she’s a big fat pig, and feels the need to photoshop her social media photos. Paris posted photos to her Instagram and Twitter accounts from her trip to Ibiza, that are obviously photoshopped to make the super-skinny socialite appear even thinner.

Paris Hilton before and after photoshop to make her waistline impossibly skinny:
paris hilton photoshop before and after 2014

In the photo that Paris posted to her Instagram page, she is posing on her balcony in Ibiza, wearing a white daisy bikini and a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. She’s also rocking an impossibly small waist, that looks suspiciously photoshopped. When compared to candid photos of Paris from the dame day, and wearing the same bikini, it’s totally obvious that she photoshopped the picture that she posted to Instagram.

But Paris didn’t stop there! She posted another photo to her Twitter account that is also poorly Photoshopped. In the photo that Paris posted to Twitter, she is wearing the same bikini, but decided to strike a different pose for her Twitter followers. In the Twitter photo, Paris again pushed in her waistline with the help of a Photoshop app, but she failed to see where the pole she was leaning against became bowed and distorted, which is a common rookie Photoshop mistake…

Paris posted this Photoshopped bikini photo to her Twitter account:paris hilton caught photoshop social media

Paris certainly isn’t the first celebrity to use Photoshop on their social media photos, and the 33-year old socialite is simply following in the Photoshopped footsteps of fellow rabid attention whores like Kim Kardashian and Aubrey O’day. Clearly, the employment advertisement for Paris Hilton’s next assistant will include, “Photoshop experience required”…

Paris Hilton before and after Photoshop:
paris hilton photoshop twitter before and after

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Jenni J’woww’ Farley has been busy working to promote her newly released horror/comedy film titled, Jersey Shore Massacre. Jenni acts in the film, and she also helped direct it. But there is one thing about Jenni everyone seems to be talking about more than her film and the horrible reviews it’s been collecting since its release on August 19th. Instead, it’s her appearance that has the media snapping photos and making guesses.

Since Season 1 on the Jersey Shore, Jenni J’woww’ sure looks different…

After just recently giving birth to her first daughter, Jenni is looking pretty good, so what is the new mommy doing? Radar Online recently spread a rumor that Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley got a face-full of plastic surgery—but Jenni was quick to snap back.

Immediately after the rumor went viral, Jenni posted a barefaced selfie on Instagram, denying the rumors were true. The 28-year-old added a caption along with her pic:

“Very flattered radar online that u think I had all that work done but I’m just a plain Jane mom with wrinkles without makeup…But kudos to u and ur site, awesome material…Very riveting.”


Jenni may or may not have had any major work done recently, but she definitely undergoes plenty of non-invasive cosmetic treatments. She admits visiting a doctor recommended by her girlfriends from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, to get microderms and skin tightening. She doesn’t say no to Botox either, getting a fair share of the injectable fillers to ward off wrinkles.

Jenni out and about with her new baby girl in arms. article-2732231-20B88A3400000578-631_306x582

She isn’t afraid to get some plastic surgery to enhance her look, but she will only go so far. She told People in an interview, “I would do anything if it makes me feel good…(but) I don’t like touching my face only because I’m always scared you can never go back. All of those nose jobs and cheek implants and stuff like that, people get those and can never go back to what they were.”

Then and woww….

Boobs are not off limits though. Currently Jenni has size 34F implants, which sound pretty massive but apparently the reality star doesn’t think they are big enough. This fall, after she attends her co-star Snooki’s wedding, she plans to go under the knife and have her boobs made bigger. Despite what any normal person might be thinking about this decision, Jenni tries to reassure worries saying, “I’ll stop before I get to the balloon stage. I’m just wondering what she considers the “balloon stage”—a 34H?

Jenni Farley and her gigantic breast implants, which are apparently not gigantic enough for her anymore…
Jenni Farley Jwoww plastic surgery bigger breast implants 2014

What do you think, is she still Jenni from the block?

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Ajay Rochester is pretty excited about her latest round of plastic surgery! The 45-year old former host of “The Biggest Loser” Australia, was all smiles as she posed with the 1.5 liters of fat that was just sucked out of her chin and arms by a plastic surgeon.

Ajay Rochester, her plastic surgeron and the fat that he sucked out of her:
ajay rochester liposuction 2014Picture: TMZ

Ajay traveled to California to have her latest round of plastic surgery performed. This time, the well-known yo-yo dieter decided to undergo liposuction on her chin and arms and had the procedure performed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Aaron Rollins. But, before heading to the clinic to have the liposuction procedure performed, Ajay filmed herself sloppily devouring her gluttonous breakfast of eggs over easy, bacon and hashbrown potatoes crammed into a huge sandwich, commenting:

Oh yeah. Oh this is better than sex. This is like my dream. To eat like this, then get it sucked out of your butt the very same day. That would just be Utopia.

Watch Ajay hungrily devour 1000+ calories immediately before having liposuction surgery:

Ajay gets marked up by her plastic surgeon before having liposuction:
ajay rochester plastic surgery 2014

Clearly, Ajay Rochester is suffering from a serious addiction to food, and her weigh battle has been well documented over the years. After her four year stint hosting the Australian version of the popular weight loss show “The Biggest Loser”, came to an end in 2009, Ajay gained more than 100lbs and her life-long weight struggle continued.

While Ajay has joked about her unhealthy lifestyle in the past, she does realize that her eating habits are slowly killing her. In an interview just last year, she admitted that her usual breakfast is enough to feed three people and that after consuming all of that food, “I just lie down all day because I can’t move because my arteries are so clogged. And then I drive past Carl’s and get a burger and fries. I’m laughing about it. But it’s really serious because I am eating myself to death“, admits the mother of one.

Ajay Rochester through the years:

This is also not Ajay’s first time going under the knife and she admittedly had liposuction, a tummy tuck and a breast lift in 2010. She also wants to have an expensive full-body lift and skin removal, which is a popular procedure for people that have lost major amounts of weight.


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